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Cyrex Networks / Comelit

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER156594Cyrex Networks / Comelit1195/UTransformer 60Va 0-110/0-12-24V Din Modules$93.93Details
ER932760Cyrex Networks / Comelit1209/88 Output Power Supply For 2-Wire Video Kit$59.93Details
ER156597Cyrex Networks / Comelit1214/KCBranch Terminal F/Simplebus Color F/Comelit Kits$15.62Details
ER149742Cyrex Networks / Comelit1216Video Riser Termination Terminal Simplebus2 Sys$13.37Details
ER149743Cyrex Networks / Comelit1224AAudio &Amp; Audio/Video Switching Device For$58.30Details
ER157170Cyrex Networks / Comelit1230Infra-Red Programmer For Electronic$317.05Details
ER352884Cyrex Networks / Comelit1246Transformer For Power Supply Art 4896$40.26Details
ER182181Cyrex Networks / Comelit1259/CSwitc For Modulr Cctv Camera Pal Smplbus Color$388.90Details
ER182182Cyrex Networks / Comelit1440Floor Distribution For Vip System$161.96Details
ER157176Cyrex Networks / Comelit1441Riser Power Supply For Ip System$152.26Details
ER156600Cyrex Networks / Comelit1443Vip Series Relay Actuator Module$126.33Details
ER149750Cyrex Networks / Comelit1445Vip Series Separate Video Camera Module$278.02Details
ER726071Cyrex Networks / Comelit1445HVip System Remote Camera Module$278.02Details
ER316098Cyrex Networks / Comelit1446Vip Series Mtsc Or Pal Video Output Modu$393.57Details
ER777571Cyrex Networks / Comelit1447Riser Active Repeater Module 10/100Mb (Vip) - All$98.81Details
ER149751Cyrex Networks / Comelit1449System Configuration Software$31.88Details
ER352883Cyrex Networks / Comelit1453Vip Series Remote System Management Software$306.12Details
ER149764Cyrex Networks / Comelit3110/3Flush Mount Box For 3 Modules Entrance Panel$8.33Details
ER149768Cyrex Networks / Comelit31611Modu-Hldr Frm Vcm Modu Pn, Dark Grey Color$102.05Details
ER157238Cyrex Networks / Comelit3201/RBrass Video Enry Panel Roma Se W/1 Psbtn$538.83Details
ER157244Cyrex Networks / Comelit3309Additional Cable For Progrmng Smplebus Aud-Vido$38.57Details
ER608495Cyrex Networks / Comelit33111GMod Holder Frame$48.65Details
ER156633Cyrex Networks / Comelit33164Stainless Steel Surface-Mounting Box$163.59Details
ER182207Cyrex Networks / Comelit33193Stainless Steel Surface-Mounting$142.53Details
ER156635Cyrex Networks / Comelit33234Powercom 4P Button Module For Simplebus System$90.69Details
ER157254Cyrex Networks / Comelit33310Module For Av Group With 0 Push Button F$56.69Details
ER182213Cyrex Networks / Comelit3340Powercam Digital Call Module W/Electronic Name Dir$501.36Details
ER157257Cyrex Networks / Comelit3341/2Mod Preset F/Aud-Vid Unit 2Btn Blk Tmplt$64.79Details
ER608506Cyrex Networks / Comelit33410MIkall Series 0-Button Module For Audio/Video Unit$84.23Details
ER608508Cyrex Networks / Comelit33412MA/V Module W/ Faceplate (Metal) 2 Button$98.81Details
ER608509Cyrex Networks / Comelit33433MIkall Series 3-Button Module-Simplebus & Vip Systm$126.33Details
ER608510Cyrex Networks / Comelit334344 P.Button Module For Simplebus System$92.32Details
ER608516Cyrex Networks / Comelit3360AMDigital Call Module W/ (Metal) Faceplate$515.42Details
ER157265Cyrex Networks / Comelit4660CAudio/Video Unit With Color Camera For$481.06Details
ER149796Cyrex Networks / Comelit4662CA/V Unit With Camera For Ip System$899.38Details
ER821311Cyrex Networks / Comelit4680KCA/V Module W/ Color Camera For Kit Only (Kit)$499.79Details
ER608524Cyrex Networks / Comelit4682CA/V Module W/ Color Camera (Vip) - Ikall Series$724.93Details
ER885909Cyrex Networks / Comelit4682HCColor Audio / Video Unit For Vip System, Ikall Ser$727.94Details
ER156960Cyrex Networks / Comelit4782Desk Base For Diva Monitor$123.09Details
ER149799Cyrex Networks / Comelit4784Bracket For Diva Color Monitor For Simplebus 2$64.79Details
ER352870Cyrex Networks / Comelit4856Central Power Supply For 4+1 Simplified$278.02Details
ER352869Cyrex Networks / Comelit4861Audio-Video Automatic Switching Device:$213.80Details
ER316086Cyrex Networks / Comelit4896Mixer Power Supply$298.32Details
ER157274Cyrex Networks / Comelit5701Bravo Handset Monitor Vid Intercom$234.85Details
ER316084Cyrex Networks / Comelit5714Bracket For Simple Bus Cabling$58.30Details
ER149802Cyrex Networks / Comelit5714CBracket For Simplebus2 Color Bravo Hand$74.50Details
ER182226Cyrex Networks / Comelit5714CIBracket For Simplebus Intercom$80.99Details
ER316083Cyrex Networks / Comelit5733Card W/4 Additional Pushbuttons:Simplebus Bravo Mn$36.91Details
ER157276Cyrex Networks / Comelit5802Genius Version Color Monitor$242.95Details
ER926993Cyrex Networks / Comelit5814***Eol*** Bracket For Simplebus Cabling$57.03Details
ER156968Cyrex Networks / Comelit6101BPlanux Hands Free Full Duplex Monitor -$242.95Details
ER352866Cyrex Networks / Comelit6101BCPlanux Lux - Full Duplex Monitor In Abso$370.16Details
ER149810Cyrex Networks / Comelit6101FPlanux Vid Mon Frnt Templt Violet$27.75Details
ER352865Cyrex Networks / Comelit6101GPlanux Vid Mon Frnt Templt Orng$27.75Details
ER352864Cyrex Networks / Comelit6101IPlanux Vid Mon Frnt Tmplt Blue$27.75Details
ER414414Cyrex Networks / Comelit6101PPlanux Hands Free Monitor - Wood Face Pl$554.45Details
ER414415Cyrex Networks / Comelit6101RPlanux Wood Monitor Face Plate$155.50Details
ER182231Cyrex Networks / Comelit6114CIIntercom Bracket For Planux Monitor (Avail 4/09)$171.69Details
ER316082Cyrex Networks / Comelit6117UFlush Mnt Housing Planux W Pre-Construction$13.37Details
ER157284Cyrex Networks / Comelit6202BVip Planux Hands-Free Color Monitor - Bl$385.78Details
ER790079Cyrex Networks / Comelit6202BBMMonitor (Black) W/ 3.5 Lcd Screen + In$421.69Details
ER608530Cyrex Networks / Comelit6202BCPlanux Lux Handsfree Vip Color Monitor -$513.85Details
ER713320Cyrex Networks / Comelit6202HB/CPlanux Lux Series Vip System Hands-Free Col Mon B$495.10Details
ER819234Cyrex Networks / Comelit6202HWC6202Hw/C - Planux Lux Series Vip System$495.10Details
ER916613Cyrex Networks / Comelit6202WBMMonitor (White) W/ 3.5 Lcd Screen + Me$462.29Details
ER156979Cyrex Networks / Comelit6231Planux Monitor Bracket And Planux Manage$131.21Details
ER156980Cyrex Networks / Comelit6302Smart Series Hands Free Monitor-White Only$413.89Details
ER182237Cyrex Networks / Comelit6320Smart Series Surface Mount$15.62Details
ER608539Cyrex Networks / Comelit65017Stelle 7" Color Monitor, Vip Series$610.67Details
ER608540Cyrex Networks / Comelit6517Housing (Flush) For Monitor - 7Stelle Series$17.36Details
ER750736Cyrex Networks / Comelit6601WIcona Series Hands-Free Color Monitor, Sbtop Systm$292.06Details
ER819683Cyrex Networks / Comelit6612Desk Base For Icona Monitor$191.13Details
ER781610Cyrex Networks / Comelit6620Wall Bracket For Icona Monitor$20.82Details
ER768136Cyrex Networks / Comelit6701WMini Color Monitor W/ Handset, White, Sbtop System$270.48Details
ER1072373Cyrex Networks / Comelit6712Desk Base For Mini Monitor$181.40Details
ER817676Cyrex Networks / Comelit6721WSmart - Simple Version - Surface$241.34Details
ER1051892Cyrex Networks / Comelit6802WMaxi Series 7" Monitor Vip System$541.95Details
ER1015575Cyrex Networks / Comelit6820Sbc &Amp; Vip Maxi Monitor Wall Support$19.09Details
ER157288Cyrex Networks / Comelit8173Brvokit Vid Kit 2 Family Sys$691.85Details
ER352863Cyrex Networks / Comelit8173UBravokit Video Kit 2 Family System$691.85Details
ER149818Cyrex Networks / Comelit8184UBravokit Video Color Kit 1 Use$601.32Details
ER316081Cyrex Networks / Comelit8261*Eol*1 User 2 Wires Audio Kit$80.99Details
ER182241Cyrex Networks / Comelit8481UGenius Color Kit 1 User$523.22Details
ER157293Cyrex Networks / Comelit8492UDivakit 2 Family Kit Simplebus 2 Wire -$1,043.77Details
ER1023467Cyrex Networks / Comelit8504HH.264 Ip Intercom Kit W/ Vandalcom Entra$1,037.76Details
ER156988Cyrex Networks / ComelitCAVDActive Balun Transmitter And Receiver$89.08Details
ER149826Cyrex Networks / ComelitCAVD1616 Port 19" Rack Mount Active Balun$632.55Details
ER157298Cyrex Networks / ComelitCAVPPass Audio And Vid Bln Trncvr Kit$55.36Details
ER836083Cyrex Networks / ComelitCB50Eol Bnc Male Slm Profile B Tran Surg$10.02Details
ER608551Cyrex Networks / ComelitCCVBCyrex Ccvb Component Video Passive$50.33Details
ER157302Cyrex Networks / ComelitCDSKDesk Mount Stand For M Series Monitors$41.93Details
ER414417Cyrex Networks / ComelitCDSK9Acrylic Desk Mount Stand For Hfx-900R And Ex-900H$45.30Details
ER722598Cyrex Networks / ComelitCDSKSMAcrylic Desk Mount Stand For The Hfx-720$45.30Details
ER800395Cyrex Networks / ComelitCHBV**Eol** Resolution Composite Video To Vg$121.48Details
ER352860Cyrex Networks / ComelitCHDBTUncompressed Hdmi Cat5 Extender$242.95Details
ER149828Cyrex Networks / ComelitCHDS-121 2 Hdmi Splitter$31.88Details
ER149829Cyrex Networks / ComelitCHDS141*4 Hdmi Splitter$80.99Details
ER149830Cyrex Networks / ComelitCHDS-313-1 Hdmi Switch$27.75Details
ER824423Cyrex Networks / ComelitCHDS42**Eol**4*2 Hdmi Matrix Switch$142.53Details
ER182253Cyrex Networks / ComelitCNTBBnc Male Terminal Balun W/10" Mini Coax Pigtail$8.33Details
ER761261Cyrex Networks / ComelitCNTB2Passive Cctv Balun Tranceiver With Tail (2Pck)$11.47Details
ER156993Cyrex Networks / ComelitCVPD-166 Port 19" Rach Mount Passive Balun Hub$247.80Details
ER149832Cyrex Networks / ComelitCXBVBnc Composite & S-Video To Vga Convertor$58.30Details
ER156995Cyrex Networks / ComelitCXHDMIHdmi Cat5 Extender (One Cat5 Cable) 2Pcs$168.45Details
ER352858Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX320CB/W Exppansion Dome Camera$105.27Details
ER826357Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX320HEol B/W Exp Mon Pow Sply Incld$218.66Details
ER182254Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX-4780Diva Kit Color Expn Monitor (Inc Monitor And Brkt)$367.04Details
ER182258Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX5702Bravokit Color Expansion Monitor - Inclu$306.12Details
ER157304Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX-6101WPPlanux Color Expansion Monitor F/Planux Kit White$423.26Details
ER157006Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX700VVandal Resistant Flush Mount Housing Box$97.18Details
ER157007Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX700VSVandal Resistant Surface Mount Housing B$145.77Details
ER608552Cyrex Networks / ComelitEX-DSDoorbell Camera Expansion - Hfx-900 / 720$187.89Details
ER840831Cyrex Networks / ComelitHFX8000M1 Family Quadra And Icona Kit – Sb$382.65Details
ER182262Cyrex Networks / ComelitJOD-48UPower Supply For Hfx Series Monitors$17.36Details
ER157318Cyrex Networks / ComelitPV6FPowercom Vid Flush Mount 6 Push Bttn Ent Panel Kit$741.48Details
ER157198Cyrex Networks / ComelitPV8FPowercom Video Flush Mount 8 Push-Button,2 Panels$755.01Details
ER316071Cyrex Networks / ComelitSAO7FReplacment Power Supply For The Hfx700$17.36Details
ER414420Cyrex Networks / ComelitSK9093Cyrex Pc Software + Serial Cable$85.84Details
ER157328Cyrex Networks / ComelitVADFAud Flsh Mnt Dig Kypd Ent Panl$1,700.66Details
ER182280Cyrex Networks / ComelitVVDFVandalcom Video Flshmnt Pnlkit$2,046.30Details
ER608588Cyrex Networks / ComelitWB700HWall Mount Bracket For Ex-700H$26.03Details
ER414423Cyrex Networks / ComelitWB-700MWall Mount Bracket For Hfx-700M$26.03Details
ER182285Cyrex Networks / ComelitZ0184660CA/V Unit With Ntsc Color Camera For Sb2$657.25Details