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Detex Corporation

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER159921Detex Corporation08BN 689Trim Bris Narrow Lev Rhr 689. 08D Narrow Trim L/M0Rt Cyl. Standard S Lever. Right Hand Reverse. Aluminum$176.74Details
ER352599Detex Corporation09BN 68909Bn Act By Ky Nl/Strm Rhr 689. Narrow Stile Lev Active By Key. Locked When Key Removed. Default Rhr-Field Reversabable. Lacquer Sprayed Aluminum$162.60Details
ER843217Detex Corporation102490A38V40Xemx48 Comes With Power Supply$1,635.90Details
ER182635Detex Corporation14BN 689Lever Trim Narrow Rhr 689. Value Series 40 50 51. Always Active Lever. Right Hand Reverse. Powder Coated Aluminum$162.60Details
ER609811Detex Corporation51XBRFR120ABeacons With Horn Flashing Led$331.32Details
ER159987Detex CorporationECL-1576-15Cam Bridge Assembly Kit$10.40Details
ER159988Detex CorporationECL-204Switch Wire Assembly F/Ecl230D$11.22Details
ER182688Detex CorporationIC7Interchangeable Core To Be Installed At Factory$28.04Details
ER775071Detex CorporationIC7R7-Pin Sfic Rim Cyl Housing L/C$28.04Details
ER182690Detex CorporationMS-1039SMag Switch, Surface Mount. White. Wire Leads$32.20Details
ER160009Detex CorporationPP-5152-3Pp51523 12Vac Xfrmr$29.92Details
ER610067Detex CorporationV4009BNXEEValue Series 15 Second Delayed Egress 36"$1,137.04Details
ER610068Detex CorporationV4009BNXEEXSN1Value Series 15 Second Delayed Egress 36"With Se$1,146.24Details