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Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER632715Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UILX2000Ivtvision 2U Rackmount Ip Server - 2000$1,657.28Details
ER632716Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPRA2000Ivtvision 2U Rackmount Linux Ip Recordin$1,272.38Details
ER632717Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPS0500Ivt 2U Rackmount Ip Server 500 Gb$2,546.66Details
ER632718Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPS1000Ivt 2U Rackmount Ip Server - 1000 Gb Har$2,569.81Details
ER632719Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPS10TIvtvision 2U Rackmount Ip Server - 10T H$3,252.39Details
ER632720Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPS12TIvtvision 2U Rackmount Ip Server - 12T H$3,479.42Details
ER913568Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPS16TDSIvtvision 2U Rackmount Ip Server W/Redun$4,918.87Details
ER632721Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPS2000Ivt 2U Rackmount Ip Server - 2000 Gb Har$2,527.87Details
ER632722Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPS3000Ivt 2U Rackmount Ip Server 3000$2,642.12Details
ER632723Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPS4000Ivt 2U Rackmount Ip Server$2,694.18Details
ER875963Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPS4IP2TIvtvision 2U Rackmount With 4 Pro Ip Lic$3,149.71Details
ER915157Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT2UIPS6000DSIvtvision 2U Rackmount Ip Server W/Redu$3,787.46Details
ER632727Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS010TIvt 4U Rackmount Ip Server - 10000 Gb$5,747.39Details
ER632729Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS012TIvt 4U Rackmount Ip Server - 12000 Gb Ha$6,292.20Details
ER632730Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS012TRAID5Ivtvision 4U Rackmount Ip Server W/ Raid$7,696.59Details
ER632731Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS014TIvt 4U Rackmount Ip Server 14000Gb$6,824.32Details
ER632733Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS016TIvt 4U Rackmount Ip Server - 16000$7,370.55Details
ER632734Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS016TRAID5Ivt 4U Rackmount Ip Server W/ Raid5$8,649.32Details
ER632735Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS020TIvtvision 4U Rackmount Ip Server - 20000$9,130.60Details
ER632736Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS020TRAID5Ivtvision 4U Rackmount Ip Server W/ Raid$9,870.21Details
ER632740Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS24TBRAID5HSDSIvtvision 4U Rackmount Hot$16,159.58Details
ER632743Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS4000RAID5Ivt 4U Rackmount Ip Server$5,501.80Details
ER632745Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS6000Ivt 4U Rackmount Ip Server - 6000$4,667.64Details
ER632747Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS7000Ivtvision 4U Rackmount Ip Server - 7000$4,961.21Details
ER632748Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS8000Ivt 4U Rackmount Ip Server - 8000 Gb Har$5,215.27Details
ER632749Inaxsys Security Systems / ICT4UIPS8000RAID5Ivtvision 4U Rackmount Ip Server W/ Raid$6,550.50Details
ER632750Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTB2030S7Ivtvision Hybrid Alarm, Audio &Amp; Ptz Conn$332.68Details
ER632761Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTDTIPS0500Ivt Desktop Case Ip Server$1,945.07Details
ER632762Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTDTIPS1000Ivt Desktop Case Ip Server - 1000 Gb Hd$2,104.15Details
ER632763Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTDTIPS3000Ivt Desktop Case Ip Server - 3000 Gb Har$2,334.08Details
ER992713Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIN162POEWMFull Power 16-Port 10M/100M Poe + 2 Giga$485.73Details
ER959460Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIN242POEWMFull Power 24-Port 10M/100M Poe + 2 Giga$666.92Details
ER632767Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIN4008G8-Port Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Switch$129.56Details
ER1041513Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIN41POE4-Port 10M/100M Desktop Poe Fast Etherne$116.63Details
ER971769Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIN81POE8-Port 10M/100M Desktop Poe Fast Etherne$152.26Details
ER632768Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIN882POE2 Sfp Fast Ethernet Switch$413.89Details
ER833536Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINBOXDIN2Din Rail Cabinet For 2 Din Modules (1 X$74.50Details
ER718785Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINBOXDIN3Din Rail Cabinet With Support For 1 Rows$89.08Details
ER877600Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINBOXDIN4Din Rail Cabinet For 4 Din Modules (2 X$89.08Details
ER909301Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINBOXDIN8Din Rail Cabinet For 8 Din Modules (2 X$161.96Details
ER713827Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI10MHEM180/360 Degree 10-Megapixel Ip D/N Hemis$672.28Details
ER632771Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI1MIRV1 Mega Pixel Interior Vari-Focal (2.8Mm-$426.38Details
ER1059695Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI2MAIR3A2-Mp Interior Auto-Focus, Adaptive Ir Le$637.23Details
ER632772Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI2MIRF2 Mega Pixel Interior Dome Camera, True$335.80Details
ER632773Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI2MIRV2 Mega Pixel Interior Vari-Focal (2.8Mm-$448.25Details
ER806039Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI3MAIR3A3-Mp Interior Auto-Focus, Adaptive Ir Le$668.47Details
ER930582Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI3MIRF3 Mega Pixel Interior Dome Camera, True$359.21Details
ER632775Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI3MIRV3 Mega Pixel Interior Vari-Focal (2.8Mm-$470.12Details
ER872878Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI5MHEM180/360 Degree 5-Megapixel Ip D/N Hemisp$616.93Details
ER995325Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI5MIRF5 Mega Pixel Interior Dome Camera, True$331.11Details
ER632778Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDI5MIRV5 Mega Pixel Interior Vari-Focal (2.8Mm-$418.58Details
ER955139Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDO1MAIR3A1-Mp Vandal Proof Auto-Focus, Adaptive I$685.82Details
ER632782Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDO2MPTZ20XInaxsys Exterior Full Hd Multiple Stream$1,914.71Details
ER973589Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDO3MIRF3 Mp Vandal Proof True D/N Dome Fixed 2.$392.02Details
ER632787Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINDO5MIRV5 Mp Vandal Proof D/N Vari-Focal Dome Ca$587.26Details
ER632788Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINEBO5MIRA5-Mp Bullet Camera With Ir / Wdr / True$479.47Details
ER632789Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINEDO2MIRA2-Mp Dome Camera With Ir / Wdr /True Dn$385.78Details
ER632790Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINJOY1300Ivtvision Surveillance Keyboard$470.12Details
ER632791Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINJOY1600Ivtvision Surveillance Keyboard$672.28Details
ER632792Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINMDRI1MF1 Mega Pixel Rugged, Mini Interior Dome$262.38Details
ER999553Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINMDRI2MF2 Mega Pixel Rugged, Mini Interior Dome$218.66Details
ER632794Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINMDRI3MF3 Mega Pixel Mini Interior Dome Camera$229.99Details
ER632795Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINMGLC1000Basesx/Lx Sfp Modules$90.69Details
ER632796Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINPS201G10/100/1000 Ieee 802.3At Injector$97.18Details
ER949171Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINS164K4T16 Channel Ip Camera Input, H.265/H.264/$1,302.46Details
ER865693Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINS168CVI4TSupport Hdcvi/Analog/Ip Video Input ‘’Tr$1,936.38Details
ER832986Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINS168CVI6T32Ch 1080P 2U Hdcvi Tribrid Dvr W/6Tb$2,206.82Details
ER839067Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINS16CVI6T16Ch 720P/1080P 1U Hdcvi Tribrid Dvr W/6$1,108.43Details
ER1063037Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINS324CVI6TSupport Hdcvi/Analog/Ip Video Input ‘’Tr$2,334.08Details
ER947462Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINS4CCVI2T4Ch 720P/1080P Compact Series Hdcvi Trib$315.50Details
ER835004Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINS88NVR2TBB8Ch All In One Storm Series Nvr Camera B$1,054.30Details
ER846264Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSBO24IRCA2.4Mp 1080P Hdcvi Auto Focus Bullet Came$192.74Details
ER829586Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSBO2IRFH.264 Hd Ir Bullet Camera 2.1Mp, H.264/M$152.26Details
ER902299Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSBO2IRWAH.264 Auto Focus Wdr Hd Bullet Camera 2.$303.00Details
ER712932Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSBO3IRF1/3” Megapixel Progressive Scan Cmos. H.$158.72Details
ER975058Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSBO4KIRF4K Ultra-Hd Bullet Camera$641.91Details
ER943084Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSDO2IRCF2.1Mp 1080P Hdcvi Fixed Lens Dome Camera$57.03Details
ER1026036Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSDO2PTZ30XT2.1 Mp Outdoor 30X Ptz Camera$1,100.92Details
ER972106Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSDO2PTZIR30X30X Optical Zoom, Ultra-Low Light Star-L$2,412.18Details
ER1022628Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSDO4IRWAH.264 Auto Focus Wdr Hd Smart Dome Camer$540.40Details
ER723976Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSDO5HEMH.264 &Amp; Mjpeg Dial-Stream Encoding, Max$479.47Details
ER941066Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSDR2PTZ30X30X Optical Zoom Ÿ Support Dual-Streams$813.65Details
ER974958Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSEBO1IRCF1Megapixel Eyeball Cmos Camera, 25/30Fps$58.30Details
ER791120Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSEBO24IRCF2.4Mp 1080P Hdcvi Eye Ball Camera, Ir, I$118.24Details
ER1017826Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSK168CV2TB16Ch Hdcvi Storm Tribrid Dvr Camera Bund$1,025.72Details
ER1068036Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSK168CV2TE16Ch Hdcvi Storm Tribrid Dvr Camera Bund$1,025.72Details
ER1017917Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSK168CV2TEB16Ch Hdcvi Storm Tribrid Dvr Camera Bun$1,434.58Details
ER972640Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSK44CV1TB4Ch Hdcvi Storm Compact Tribrid Series D$457.62Details
ER1036618Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSK44CV1TEB4Ch Hdcvi Storm Compact Tribrid Series D$457.62Details
ER1041584Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSK84CV1TE8Ch Hdcvi Storm Compact Tribrid Series D$526.34Details
ER972241Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSK84CV1TEB8Ch Hdcvi Storm Compact Tribrid Series D$526.34Details
ER989728Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSTO2IRUF2.1Mp 1080P Hdcvi Turret Camera, Ir, Ip6$53.69Details
ER1060194Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSWDO4IRWF4.1 Mp Smart Wedge Camera W/Ir, 120Db, A$299.87Details
ER1027388Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSX101Mount Adapter$36.91Details
ER807619Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSX122Waterproof Junction Box$36.91Details
ER967167Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSX135Junction Box$36.91Details
ER768414Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSX137Junction Box For Insdo1Ircf, Insdo1Ircv,$36.91Details
ER716801Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSX150Pole Mount Bracket For Insdo2Ptz30X$36.91Details
ER845228Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSX151Corner Mount Braket Is Used For All Exte$36.91Details
ER742682Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSX152Mini Pole Mount Bracket$36.91Details
ER858911Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSX203Water Proof Wall Mount Bracket. L Type$27.75Details
ER962159Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSX300SGooseneck For Ptz$36.91Details
ER999433Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSX302Mini Goose Neck Bracket$36.91Details
ER1067050Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSXBALUNHdcvi Balun 1 Pair$19.09Details
ER1065931Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSXBALUN10Hdcvi Balun 10 Pairs Package$179.78Details
ER1024380Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINSXUFCUniversal Camera Format Convertor$27.75Details
ER632797Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINVIASYS01Viasys Intelligent Video Software- 1 Cha$358.81Details
ER632798Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX0101Indoor/Outdoor Mount Kit For In-Do4Mf$63.18Details
ER632799Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX0103Indoor/Outdoor Straight Tube W/ Bracket$126.33Details
ER862204Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX0104Indoor/Outdoor Extension Tube$93.93Details
ER632800Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX0303Indoor/Outdoor Heavy Duty Wall Mount$119.86Details
ER632802Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX0310Hemispheric Camera Wall Mount For In-Di4$46.98Details
ER756241Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX0312Wall Mount For In-Do2Mptz30X$71.27Details
ER718840Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX0314Indoor/Outdoor, L Type Wall Mount For I$63.18Details
ER632803Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX0503Indoor/Outdoor Pole Mount Kit For In-Do4$89.08Details
ER632804Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX0720Flush Mount For In-Di2Mptz20X$71.27Details
ER854367Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX0802Mounting Adapter For In-Do4Mhem$30.20Details
ER632805Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX1003Indoor Flush Mount Kit For In-Do4Mf$46.98Details
ER736303Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX1006Flush Mount For In-Di13Mf, In-Di1Mirf, I$48.65Details
ER632806Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX1009Indoor Flush Mount Kit For In-Di4Mhem$46.98Details
ER806607Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX11062” Smoked Non-Vandal Dome Cover For Indo$17.36Details
ER632807Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX1111Standard Camera Housing Bracket With Swi$29.51Details
ER632808Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINX8108Indoor Mini L Type Wall Mount For In-Mdr$13.37Details
ER632809Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINXCSTStandard Corner Mount For In-Do2Mptz20X$46.98Details
ER632810Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINXIMKMount For In-Di2Mptz20X$71.27Details
ER632811Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINXMPMMini Pendant Mount For In-Di2Mptz20X And$57.03Details
ER632812Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINXPTDStandard Pole Mount For In-Do2Mptz20X$66.42Details
ER632813Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINXSPMStandard Pendant Mount For In-Di2Mptz20X$57.03Details
ER632814Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINXST1Straight Tube ( 25Cm ) For In-Di2Mptz20X$57.03Details
ER632815Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINXST2Straight Tube ( 50Cm ) For In-Di2Mptz20X$66.42Details
ER632816Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIPRA1000Ivtvision Desktop Linux Ip Recording App$1,191.15Details
ER632817Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIPRA2000Ivtvision Desktop Linux Ip Recording App$1,267.86Details
ER896051Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIVTES01Ivt Enterprise Server Option$657.10Details
ER632820Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIVTIP0101Ivt Single Ip Camera License$194.35Details
ER632821Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTIVTPRIME01Ivtvision Prime Single Ip Camera License$52.00Details
ER944519Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPK10BO3IRF10 Pack 3.1Mp Ir Bullet Camera$1,312.99Details
ER1037697Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPK10EBO2IRF10 Pack 2.1Mp Ir Eye Ball Camera$1,264.85Details
ER901215Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTADC4Analog Inputs For Monitoring Analog Sens$440.44Details
ER878830Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTADC4DINProtégé 4-Channel Analog Input Module Di$349.86Details
ER842039Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTDEMCASE1Protégé Demo Kit In A Travel Case$1,881.44Details
ER1027542Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTGXCLNTProtege Gx Client License$563.82Details
ER931272Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTGXSRVRProtege Gx Server License$827.19Details
ER1056339Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTGXSRVRSTIct Protege Gx Server Installation Requi$247.80Details
ER993920Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTGXWEBFull Web 3-License Package Includes The$2,581.38Details
ER902347Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTIO84DINProtege Din Rail 8 Input And 4 Output Ex$307.67Details
ER792439Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTIPICProtege Vandal Resistant Voip Intercom$742.97Details
ER914086Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTIPICPOEProtege Vandal Resistant Voip Intercom W$851.27Details
ER835402Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTISO16DINProtege 16 Isolated Input Expander, Din$384.22Details
ER1060856Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTSMGTENTProtégé System Management Suite (Enterpr$2,141.74Details
ER860605Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTRFREM4433HIDIct 4-Buttonrf Wiegand Remotetrans Moq25$45.30Details
ER806053Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTSSAIVTES01Ivt 1-Year Enterprise Server Software$129.56Details
ER986266Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTSSAPROCIvtvision Update One Professional Server$334.23Details
ER761407Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTSW12054CBInaxsys 12 Vdc Power Supply - 5.5 Amp 4$81.56Details
ER798610Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTSW12058CBInaxsys 12 Vdc Power Supply - 5.5 Amp 8$115.00Details
ER856471Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTSW121016CBInaxsys 12 Vdc Power Supply - 11 Amp 16$243.34Details
ER632822Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTUPG3PS2DVIDual Dvi Graphics Card$299.87Details
ER632823Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTUPG3PS4DVIQuad Dvi Graphics Card - Installed$571.63Details
ER811187Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTWXKITALMACC2Protege Wx Alarm And 2 Door Complete Kit$860.28Details