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Minuteman UPS / Para Systems

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER950160Minuteman UPS / Para Systems30000221Front Panel Bezel All Ent Plus &Amp; Ed &Amp; Bp$121.66Details
ER646867Minuteman UPS / Para Systems35000064Usb Cable$10.28Details
ER480234Minuteman UPS / Para Systems90000569Wall Mt For The E500 Ups Units$34.40Details
ER204207Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00015Replacement Battery, 12V, 4.5 Amp, Per Hour $40.90Details
ER275364Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsB00024Battery, Individual, Replacement, 1-Year Warranty,$29.45Details
ER275365Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0029Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$159.57Details
ER303348Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0030Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$178.52Details
ER480210Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBM0032Replacement Battery Module, Preassembled, 1-Year W$338.20Details
ER886716Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP192RTXLAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Online Rack / T$924.22Details
ER880421Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsBP240RTXLAccessory, Battery Pack, Online Rack / Tower, 3-Ye$1,186.82Details
ER221817Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPE1000Ups, Tower, On-Line Interactive, 1000 Va, 700 Watt$478.36Details
ER221819Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPE3000Ups, Tower, On-Line Interactive, 3000 Va, 2100 Wat$1,200.02Details
ER236025Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsCPEBP2000Battery Pack, External, For Cpe2000 $922.75Details
ER646881Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1000RTXL2U1000 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$632.23Details
ER646883Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1500RT2U1500 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$686.57Details
ER646884Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE1500RTXL2U1500 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$755.51Details
ER646886Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE2000RT2U2000 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 9 Outlets$1,009.30Details
ER646887Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE2000RTXL2U2000Va 1760W Line Interactive 2U R T Extended Runtime Ups$1,056.26Details
ER221821Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE3000RMT2U*Eol* - 300Va/2560Watt,208-240V Line$1,231.87Details
ER646888Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE3000RT2U3000 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$1,179.48Details
ER646889Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE3000RTXL2U3000 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$1,224.96Details
ER646892Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE750RTXL2U750 Va Line Interactive Rack/Wall/Tower Ups With 8 Outlets$504.26Details
ER303343Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEBP48EXLExtended Runtime Batter Pack For The Ed1$1,095.55Details
ER236029Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsE-BRKT-RAILRail Installation Kit, For All Enterprise / Endeav$44.18Details
ER719206Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RT-XFRAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Includes 120 /$3,139.98Details
ER791093Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXLUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$6,035.61Details
ER817111Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXL5TFUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$5,348.62Details
ER887475Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXL5TFMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$5,566.14Details
ER747143Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$6,505.08Details
ER801939Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000RTXLPUps, Endeavor Series, 12-20Kva Applications, Paral$5,782.30Details
ER204216Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10000TUps System Bundle, Endeavor 6-24 Kva Tower Series$5,421.59Details
ER275371Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED1000RM2UUps, Endeavor Series, 1-3Kva, True Online Rack/Tow$648.99Details
ER804157Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10200RTXLUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$4,539.10Details
ER777579Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED10200RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$4,843.36Details
ER646896Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED12000RMUps 12Kva Rm 208V Online In/Out 8400Watt$6,145.92Details
ER882902Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED12000RTXLPUps, Endeavor Series, 12-20Kva Applications, Paral$6,144.38Details
ER236030Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED1500RM2UEndeavors On-Line 1500Va Ups 1200W, 6Outlets. Load Shed Rack/Tower Ups$808.32Details
ER756824Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED16000RTXLPParalleled 8Kva Mdls,208Vac Input/Output, Hardware$9,035.53Details
ER912201Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED20000RTXLPUps, Endeavor Series, 12-20Kva Applications, Paral$10,047.43Details
ER221824Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED2000RM2UEndeavors On-Line 2000Va Ups 1600 Watts, 7 Outlets Rack/Tower Ups$1,185.35Details
ER303342Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED2000RMT242000Va/1600W 120 Vac True On-Line, Doubl$1,248.11Details
ER339408Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED24000RM24Kva/16800 Watt Online Ups$11,621.65Details
ER236031Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED3000RM2UEndeavors On-Line 3000Va Ups 2100 Watts, 7 Outlets Rack/Tower Ups$1,369.69Details
ER339407Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED3301LP2241101Base Unit: 10Kva (8,000 Watts)$14,224.73Details
ER914472Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5000RT-XFRAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Includes 120 /$1,444.45Details
ER830783Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5000RTXL4556Va/4100 Watt 208 Vac Input & Full-Load 120/280$3,554.70Details
ER832116Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5000RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 V$3,777.56Details
ER761609Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5200RTXL5000Va/4500W Online Ups, 208Vac In/Out_Lcd Display$2,911.46Details
ER793742Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED5200RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,110.36Details
ER730048Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6000RT-XFRAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Includes 120 /$1,592.56Details
ER726304Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6000RTXLUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,758.49Details
ER823391Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6000RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,976.01Details
ER275374Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6000T6000Va, Tower Unit, 208 In 120Out Redundant Configuration Ups$3,406.58Details
ER905997Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6200RTXLUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,110.36Details
ER774885Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED6200RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,333.23Details
ER855938Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8000RT-XFRAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Includes 120 /$2,881.83Details
ER740315Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8000RTXL8000Va/120Vac/208Vac Ups Model With Standard Recep$5,710.70Details
ER897535Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8000RTXL5TFUps, Endeavor Series, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva App$4,554.25Details
ER885218Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8000RTXL5TFMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$4,770.39Details
ER882650Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8000RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$5,926.86Details
ER762684Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8200RTXLUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$3,758.49Details
ER901180Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED8200RTXLMBUps, Endeavor Series, 5-10Kva Applications, 208 Va$4,120.58Details
ER221827Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP10000TBattery Pack For The Ed10000T & Ed10200T$2,052.41Details
ER275378Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEDBP48EXLEndeavors Battery Pack For Ed1500Rm(T)2U &Amp; Ed2000Rm(T)2U$677.29Details
ER737650Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED-MTBS12KAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Independent Byp$553.01Details
ER920376Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED-MTBS20KAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Independent Byp$677.76Details
ER204221Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsEN400Enspire Stand-By Ups 400Va/200 Watts 6 Outlets Usb, Wallmount$64.78Details
ER865314Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsERS1500RTNCLine Interactive Ups, Ers Series, High Temperature$824.46Details
ER870315Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR1000LCDLine Interactive Ups, Entrust-Lcd Series, 1000 Va,$197.48Details
ER800498Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR1500LCDLine Interactive Ups, Entrust-Lcd Series, 1500 Va,$245.33Details
ER764154Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR1500P15***Eol***Entrst Series Line Ups 1500/900$298.32Details
ER842212Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR550LCDLine Interactive Ups, Entrust-Lcd Series, 550/300$120.06Details
ER758571Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsETR700LCDLine Interactive Ups, Entrust-Lcd Series, 700 Va,$150.08Details
ER480207Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR-03Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$124.81Details
ER480218Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR-03PPremier Extended Warranty, Enhanced 2-Year Extensi$199.06Details
ER646915Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR-04Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$287.93Details
ER646916Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR-04PPremier Extended Warranty, Enhanced 2-Year Extensi$383.91Details
ER480209Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMEW5YR-05Standard Extended Warranty, 2-Year Extension Of 3-$639.85Details
ER480201Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsMMPD81530H120Vac Input/Output, 30-Amp Capacity Pow$131.81Details
ER646941Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsOEPD815HVPower Distribution Unit, Oepd Series, Generic, 120$49.09Details
ER204239Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO1000RT1000Va Rack/Tower,Upsw/ 8 Out, 6 Battery Backup With Surge, 2 Surge Only$280.81Details
ER786928Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO1500E***Eol*** 1500 Va Line- Interactive Ups$352.26Details
ER820394Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO500E*Eol* 500 Va Line Interactive Ups W/ 6$199.26Details
ER903141Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsPRO500IE**Eol** Line Interactive Ups$181.78Details
ER275401Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSNMPNETSnmp Card Network Interface F/Enterprise+ & Endeav$248.04Details
ER717894Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsSSL90000893Ed6-24Kva 7 Prort 10/100 Mbit Snmp Card$284.51Details