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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER857563On-Q / Legrand22022916002525Ft Velocity S-Video$20.42Details
ER991174On-Q / Legrand2212-60023-001Rr Dc Wallplate Hd15+3.5+$46.85Details
ER988535On-Q / Legrand221260037001Rapidrun® Double Gang Integrated Vga (Hd$65.86Details
ER277175On-Q / Legrand36427101Video Power Transformer - Non-Rpa$6.73Details
ER505483On-Q / Legrand36429803Any Port High Prfrmnc Video Insert Ivory$80.58Details
ER338027On-Q / Legrand3645230116 Db Video Engine$175.90Details
ER206367On-Q / Legrand3645960112Port Video Interface Module$66.91Details
ER230435On-Q / Legrand36472001Alc Designer Scene Switch- White$120.49Details
ER277249On-Q / Legrand36477801Onq In Wall Color Camera With$277.20Details
ER338024On-Q / Legrand36488601Lyric Source Input Mounting Plate$19.04Details
ER877917On-Q / Legrand6000325Ft Rapidrun Runner Mf Cmg$72.10Details
ER731380On-Q / Legrand6000435Ft Rapidrun Runner Mf Cmg$86.24Details
ER1013783On-Q / Legrand60130Hdmi Male Flying Lead Tx Rapidrun Optical_________$114.52Details
ER988269On-Q / Legrand625MMC-24PD1RBRack Mnt,12/Sc/Dup,Mtl,Mm,Load Recessed,Blk$580.84Details
ER920585On-Q / Legrand8CREST3G3 Gang Crestron Plate$25.74Details
ER277265On-Q / LegrandAC1007One-Bay Video Module Mount Bracket$15.12Details
ER206397On-Q / LegrandAC1011Circuit Board Mntng Brckt F/Security & Automation$25.74Details
ER505485On-Q / LegrandAC1031Enclosure Power Strip Module, Half Width$41.64Details
ER301992On-Q / LegrandAC2100Hdmi Repeater (Supports High Speed W/ Et$33.82Details
ER338022On-Q / LegrandAC2101Swivel Action Hdmi Coupler (Spprts Hi Speed W/Eth)$15.12Details
ER653400On-Q / LegrandAC2102Recessed Box New Construction Bracket (W$11.47Details
ER1072320On-Q / LegrandAC2406BKToslink W/Mini Audio Cable 6 Ft$8.53Details
ER951007On-Q / LegrandAC2AP5BKActive Hs Prem Hdmi W/E Iwr 5M/16.4$37.34Details
ER973258On-Q / LegrandAC2AP7BKActive Prem Hs Hdmi W/E Iwr 7.5M/24$57.96Details
ER301990On-Q / LegrandAC2M01BK1M (3.3') Hs Hdmi W/Ethernet Cl3 Cable$9.10Details
ER338021On-Q / LegrandAC2M02BK2M (6.6') Hs Hdmi W/Ethernet Cl3 Cable$10.62Details
ER338020On-Q / LegrandAC2M03BK3M (9.8') Hs Hdmi W/Ethernet Cl3 Cable$13.67Details
ER338019On-Q / LegrandAC2M04BK4M (13.1') Hs Hdmi W/Ethernet Cl3 Cable$16.60Details
ER338018On-Q / LegrandAC2M05BK5M (16.4') Hs Hdmi W/Ethernet Cl3 Cable$20.76Details
ER301989On-Q / LegrandAC2M07BK7.5M (24.6') Hs Hdmi W/Ethernet Cl3 Cable$30.80Details
ER338017On-Q / LegrandAC2M10BK10M (32.8') Hs Hdmi W/Ethernet Cl3 Cable$64.73Details
ER301988On-Q / LegrandAC2M15BKHs Hdmi W/Ethernet Cl3 Cable, 15M (49.2$97.11Details
ER338015On-Q / LegrandAC2M20BK20M (65.6') Hs Hdmi W/Ethernet Cl3 Cable$129.51Details
ER1036953On-Q / LegrandAC2MP1BK1M (3.3') Hs Premium Hdmi W/ Ethernet Cl$15.18Details
ER1039933On-Q / LegrandAC2MP2-BKPremium High Speed Hdmi Cable With Ethernet, 2 Met$18.16Details
ER1029065On-Q / LegrandAC2MP3-BKPremium High Speed Hdmi Cable With Ethernet, 3 Met$21.19Details
ER1064954On-Q / LegrandAC2MP4-BKPremium High Speed Hdmi Cable With Ethernet, 4 Met$27.25Details
ER792134On-Q / LegrandAC40001004.75” Natural Cable Tie 100Pk$2.79Details
ER816751On-Q / LegrandAC40011004.75” Black Cable Tie 100Pk$2.79Details
ER881856On-Q / LegrandAC40021007.5” Natural Cable Tie 100Pk$3.76Details
ER895887On-Q / LegrandAC40031007.5” Black Cable Tie 100Pk$3.76Details
ER736072On-Q / LegrandAC400410011” Natural Cable Tie 100Pk$6.00Details
ER895209On-Q / LegrandAC400510011” Black Cable Tie 100Pk$6.00Details
ER973103On-Q / LegrandASTP155RMW1Wi-Fi Ready Mast Switch$90.48Details
ER716335On-Q / LegrandAU7054LADigital Audio 4Rm Exp Kit La$810.11Details
ER911707On-Q / LegrandCABLEXIT100PGWire Management, Pg Finish, Cablo$8.90Details
ER230473On-Q / LegrandCM1005WHFront And Back Door Cam Lcd Kit White$1,109.16Details
ER238170On-Q / LegrandCM1006WHCamera Kit - 1 B/W Camera &Amp; 1 Lcd Di$696.87Details
ER238171On-Q / LegrandCM10104P Lcd Distribution Module,$169.26Details
ER206427On-Q / LegrandCM10114 Port Cat 5 Camera Module$113.11Details
ER238172On-Q / LegrandCM1015Rca (M) To 2 Rca (F) Yellow Y Mini Patch Cable F/V$5.87Details
ER277287On-Q / LegrandCM1017Rca (M) To Rca (M) Yellow Mini Patch Cable For$6.18Details
ER277288On-Q / LegrandCM1018Rca (M) To Rca (M) White Mini Patch Cable For$6.18Details
ER230474On-Q / LegrandCM10194 Port Ip Video Server With Bracket$1,064.04Details
ER1063567On-Q / LegrandCM1027Outdoor Color Ir Camera$6.69Details
ER653421On-Q / LegrandCM1028Camera Mounting Plate With Bnc To Cat5$20.82Details
ER238174On-Q / LegrandCM1029Color Ir Camera Kit$169.67Details
ER277289On-Q / LegrandCM1030Color Ir Camera Kit With Cm1011 Camera M$241.34Details
ER206429On-Q / LegrandCM1048Combination Lcd &Amp; Advanced Camera Module$279.38Details
ER653422On-Q / LegrandCM2001Single Output Ip Video Server$214.91Details
ER277290On-Q / LegrandCM5002-BRColor Auto D/N Ball Camera$290.41Details
ER230476On-Q / LegrandCM5002-WHColor Auto D/N Ball Camera$290.41Details
ER277291On-Q / LegrandCM5404WH4 Whole House Bw Cameras/7"Lcd Kit$1,740.41Details
ER206430On-Q / LegrandCM5405WHFront/Back Door Bw Cameras/7"$1,480.02Details
ER206431On-Q / LegrandCM5451WHColor Ball Camera/7 Inch Lcd Kit$1,139.71Details
ER750117On-Q / LegrandCM7000Outdoor Bullet Ip Hd720 Camera$331.32Details
ER943638On-Q / LegrandCM7020Outdoor Dome Ip Hd1080 Camera$421.69Details
ER941723On-Q / LegrandCM71204 Ch Network Video Server$421.31Details
ER230478On-Q / LegrandCM76442 Cat5 Color Buller Camera Kit White$623.17Details
ER230479On-Q / LegrandCM76452 Cat5 B/W Bullet Camera Kit White$491.98Details
ER206432On-Q / LegrandCMB1L1KWFront Door Camera/Lcd Kit$676.56Details
ER230481On-Q / LegrandCMB2L2KWFront And Back Door Camera/Lcd Kit$1,076.84Details
ER277292On-Q / LegrandCMB4L2KWWhole House Camera/Lcd Kit$1,309.30Details
ER972745On-Q / LegrandCMK50Cordmate Ii Kit (M3)$60.94Details
ER230483On-Q / LegrandDA1102Poe Injector Module For Da1101$79.37Details
ER778797On-Q / LegrandDA1104802.11Ac Dual Band In Ceiling Wap$327.98Details
ER848696On-Q / LegrandDA252424 Port Gigabit Switch, 1U Rack Mount$202.19Details
ER931744On-Q / LegrandDT355Dt Occ Snsr 100-347 Vac, Cntr-Mnt$240.37Details
ER886407On-Q / LegrandEN08018-Inch Mdu Enclosure Cover$12.15Details
ER238190On-Q / LegrandEN142014-Inch Screw-On Cover$25.74Details
ER206451On-Q / LegrandF1014Az Quad Tiler B/W$241.88Details
ER230501On-Q / LegrandF2284Black And White Bullet Camera With Wall Plate$127.95Details
ER206456On-Q / LegrandF2286-WHCat5 B/W Mini Cam Deco White$111.75Details
ER277318On-Q / LegrandF2290Bullet Camera Color, Outdoor/Indoor, Cat$221.84Details
ER238199On-Q / LegrandF2299Bullet Color Camera In Outdoor With Mounting Plate$229.38Details
ER277323On-Q / LegrandF3403WHKeystone Wall Plate Single Gang$1.39Details
ER238209On-Q / LegrandF3450BECategory 5E Rj45 T568-A/B Keystone$4.29Details
ER230521On-Q / LegrandF7520Onq Gf Single Bay Double$15.43Details
ER206471On-Q / LegrandF76303 X 4 Video Amp$302.85Details
ER206472On-Q / LegrandF76401X1 Bi-Directional Video Amplifier Modul$46.53Details
ER338006On-Q / LegrandF7645Black &Amp; White Camera Kit$518.63Details
ER277341On-Q / LegrandF7645WCat 5 Home Camera Kit B/W$518.63Details
ER238228On-Q / LegrandF7756Medium Half Wing Mount Bracket F/ F7507$42.76Details
ER995622On-Q / LegrandGLC-LH-SMD-LEGCisco Glc-Lh-Smd Compatible 1000Base-Lx Smf Sfp ($162.60Details
ER238239On-Q / LegrandHA5000-GBLcd Console Gloss Black$480.18Details
ER206487On-Q / LegrandHA5000WHLcd Console, White$463.32Details
ER769234On-Q / LegrandHDCA6LC12AJCassette,Hdj,Lc Dx, 1/2U$372.22Details
ER277361On-Q / LegrandHT2004-WH-V1Hdtv In-Wall Cable Connection Kit, White$22.00Details
ER742316On-Q / LegrandKSSMB2Smb,Keystone,2Por$3.82Details
ER798810On-Q / LegrandKSSMB6Sc Smb,Keystone,6Port$9.07Details
ER1039507On-Q / LegrandLC7500WHRflc System Starter Kit - Wht$391.31Details
ER1017756On-Q / LegrandNVI8ZONEAMP16Zone Amp Pcb Card, 80W, Zones 1-6$61.51Details
ER901720On-Q / LegrandPH122BPl Bx 1G Horizontal Mount$4.04Details
ER909337On-Q / LegrandPH122RPl Bx 1G Horizontal Mount, Nail-On$4.04Details
ER1055916On-Q / LegrandPW145848Vdc 60W Power Supply$50.48Details
ER206510On-Q / LegrandPW776012Vdc 18W Power Supply For Cm1010$19.23Details
ER1078641On-Q / LegrandRWP264LARadiant Wall Plate 4G Light Almond$10.32Details
ER949098On-Q / LegrandRWP265LARadiant Screwless Wallplate 5G La$15.32Details
ER937217On-Q / LegrandRWP265NIRadiant Screwless Wallplate 5G Ni$28.03Details
ER965940On-Q / LegrandRWP265WRadiant Screwless Wallplate 5G W$15.32Details
ER828949On-Q / LegrandSWP26NIOne-Gang Screwless Decorator Wall Plate, Nickel$12.50Details
ER230573On-Q / LegrandTECPOD1X2Double Module Bay Frame, Holds Any Single Or$11.13Details
ER1064628On-Q / LegrandTM870NICC10Radiant Switch 1P 15A 120/277V Ni$13.77Details
ER933184On-Q / LegrandTM8USB4LACC6Decor Combo Quad Usb 4.2A$43.92Details
ER936960On-Q / LegrandTP26GRYTrademaster Wp 1G 1 Decor Gry$2.02Details
ER930430On-Q / LegrandTV1WMTVSSWCC2Tv Box Metal Recess 1G Tvss Kit$47.60Details
ER238285On-Q / LegrandUX-3540Spacer Bracket For Stacking Small And Large$11.13Details
ER206524On-Q / LegrandUX-420Ilan Small Hinged Designer Cover & Trim Ring$43.29Details
ER1044433On-Q / LegrandV20032-In Supporting Clip - Moq 10$2.44Details
ER960519On-Q / LegrandV20482Sw/Rcpt Box$27.83Details
ER230581On-Q / LegrandVM10021X8 Enhanced Passive Video Splitter Combo Dc Pass$38.36Details
ER505380On-Q / LegrandVM2200V1Moca Compliant Signal Blocker$11.47Details
ER301966On-Q / LegrandVM2202-V12 Way Moca Horizontal Splitter$5.22Details
ER505390On-Q / LegrandVM2203V13 Way Moca Compliant Hrzntl Splittr$7.29Details
ER505391On-Q / LegrandVM2204V14 Way Moca Compliant Hrzntl Splittr$8.60Details
ER1025026On-Q / LegrandW2000HSonic Ceil Occ Sensor 24Vdc, 90 Linear Ft$238.95Details
ER505392On-Q / LegrandWP1234BKHdmi Keystone Insert, Black$12.40Details
ER230592On-Q / LegrandWP1234IVHdmi Keystone Insert, Ivory$12.40Details
ER238298On-Q / LegrandWP1234LAHdmi Keystone Insert, Light Almond$12.40Details
ER277412On-Q / LegrandWP1234WHHdmi Keystone Insert In White$12.40Details
ER930111On-Q / LegrandWP3412GYDecor Outlet Strap 2 Port Gy (M10)$1.47Details
ER1070007On-Q / LegrandWP346ABKCat6A Qc Rj45 Kystne Con Bk(M10)$9.17Details