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ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER277613OptexAX-200TNPhotoelectric Detector, Outdoor, Up To 200 Feet $180.60Details
ER301924OptexAXBTCCover/ Lens Only For The Ax-1750 &Amp; Ax-17$153.87Details
ER238571OptexAX-TWTXIWireless Transmitter Module W/Inovonics En1941 & B$85.84Details
ER277626OptexBX-80NCLAccessory, Replacement Cover & Lens, For Bx-80N Se$28.63Details
ER301921OptexCX-702CLAccessory, Cover & Lens, For Cx-702 Commercial Pir$16.22Details
ER301920OptexDC300P46Optex Outdoor B&Amp;W Pir Camera$288.94Details
ER758526OptexDCL45-CPWSensor Lgh Cam/Pir$306.04Details
ER301919OptexEC-4Accessory, Extension Cable, For Sl Series Photoele$9.53Details
ER238581OptexEN5040TIseries Accessory, Repeater, High Power, W/Transfo$623.17Details
ER277637OptexHX-80NPir Detector, Hx-80 Series, 80 Foot Long & 6 Foot$175.34Details
ER206744OptexHX-HOODHood And Hardware For Hx Series$6.73Details
ER206749OptexLX-402CLAccessory, Replacement Cover & Lens, For Lx-402 Se$11.47Details
ER301917OptexLX80LENSLens F/ Lx802N$8.33Details
ER757891OptexOA72CSCeiling Mount Active Infrared Motion/Pre$349.86Details
ER277649OptexPSC3Cover Installing 2 Unit 1 Pole$37.92Details
ER1015528OptexRLS-RBIndoor Recess Mount Bracket For The Mini Redscan$71.27Details
ER238609OptexSIP-3020CAMDN100' X 65' Superior Intelligent Pir Detector Wday/$479.94Details
ER277661OptexSIP-PMBRAccessory, Pole Mount Bracket, For Superior Intell$121.48Details
ER653869OptexSL350COVERCover Lens For Sl-350Qfr 1 Pc$31.88Details
ER919647OptexWM-ADAPTOR6Dc External Power Supply For Optex Watc$22.56Details