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Pach & Company

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER821274Pach & Company126VSC**Eol**Indoor Or Outdoor S$78.10Details
ER238974Pach & Company185VSCDvr Security Lock Box 18"W X 18"D X 5'H With Fan.$121.48Details
ER277919Pach & Company245DLB21"W X 24D" X 8H" Dvd Security Lock Box$139.29Details
ER238975Pach & Company245VSC21"W X 21"D X 8"H Dvd Security Lock Box.$129.56Details
ER238976Pach & Company245WMKWall Mount Kit F/245Vsc$58.30Details
ER277933Pach & Company7LENSLens For Aegis 7000 Series$24.29Details
ER207045Pach & Company8LENSProtective Lens For 8000 Lcd$24.29Details
ER239000Pach & Company9CRLNSReplacment Screen For 9000$46.98Details
ER337780Pach & Company9FPFFFully Loaded Face Plate Only For A Full Flush Syst$584.93Details
ER654258Pach & Company9PCB600CR25PReplacement Mother Board For Aegisp 9600$938.49Details
ER239004Pach & Company9PCB600PComplete Mother Board For The Pcc-9600Cr$938.49Details
ER1039605Pach & CompanyQLENS512Quantum Lcd Lens$33.55Details
ER337776Pach & CompanyQVPCAnalog Color Camera For The Quantum Series$187.89Details
ER207073Pach & CompanyQWCMQuantum Web Browser Communication Module$278.59Details
ER239037Pach & CompanyUAP09Univ Adapter Plate For Upm$38.11Details
ER277980Pach & CompanyUBAT 112 Volt Dc 40 Ul Battery For Use As Battery Backup$19.10Details
ER207078Pach & CompanyUPM1LUniv Pedestal Lrg Mnt 47" 8X8 Mount Base$112.85Details
ER277983Pach & CompanyUPM4S47" Univ Ped Mnt, 5"X5" Base Plate W/C$97.18Details
ER207081Pach & CompanyUVPCColor Video Camera For Use With All Quantum And Ae$183.01Details