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POE Technologies

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER676208POE TechnologiesNSPOE88 Port Poe Network Switch 120 Watt$353.51Details
ER924620POE TechnologiesPCPOEMPRPoe On Coax Up To 2000Ft (650M) 4 Port 1$568.16Details
ER786759POE TechnologiesPCPOEMPTPoe On Coax Up To 2000Ft (650M) 4 Port 1$568.16Details
ER863718POE TechnologiesPCPOEMPTKPoe On Coax Up To 2000Ft (650M) 4 Port 1$1,295.25Details
ER812150POE TechnologiesPCPOESPoe On Coax Single Port Receiver (Used W$370.35Details
ER823470POE TechnologiesPCPOESKPoe On Coax Up To 4000Ft (1300M) Complet$568.16Details
ER779297POE TechnologiesPOEEMIHBMPolymer Plastic 17 Inch With Arm Mount /$279.32Details
ER749547POE TechnologiesPOEEMIHBMMPolymer Plastic 13 Inch With Arm Mount /$261.87Details
ER676209POE TechnologiesPOEHFCPoe Camera Enclosure Outdoor Rated Cat5/$22.77Details
ER676210POE TechnologiesPOEPMOutdoor Camera Enclosure Adapter$100.38Details
ER676211POE TechnologiesSLEFCSingle Line/Multi Line Outdoor Rated Cat$22.77Details
ER497890POE TechnologiesSLEPOEEX60Poe Extender Up To 70 Watts Of Power$479.77Details