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Pulnix / Takex

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER677351Pulnix / TakexBK031Water Proof Cover (Mounting Bracket) For$113.37Details
ER249645Pulnix / TakexBK301Water Proof Cover For Door Sensor Da101 & Da301$121.48Details
ER249646Pulnix / TakexBL5L Bracket For Pr-5B (Both Unit &Amp; Refle$19.09Details
ER281469Pulnix / TakexBL8400Wall Mount Bracket For Pir-30/50 &Amp; Pa841$106.90Details
ER242938Pulnix / TakexBP02| Pole Mount Kit For Pa-15We/30We$69.65Details
ER249648Pulnix / TakexBP22Pole Mount Attachment, Suits: Ms-12Te Or$27.75Details
ER242945Pulnix / TakexBS50FTrim Cover For Back-To-Back Pole Mountin$68.03Details
ER212743Pulnix / TakexBT-BOTTOM-CAPPlastic Bottom Cap To Hold Lens Cover$26.03Details
ER249654Pulnix / TakexBT-SHIELD-4Replacement Lens For Old Bt-150 Tower$153.87Details
ER281486Pulnix / TakexBU5300Flush Mount Kit For Pa5300 Series$48.31Details
ER986659Pulnix / TakexINT-QUADIPIp Interface Poe Module. Designed For Pb-In-Hf/Hfa$247.44Details
ER1001567Pulnix / TakexKP1001M Floor Mounted Pole Kit$186.27Details
ER929936Pulnix / TakexKP80LSSILVER0.8M Wall Mounted Pole Kit$149.02Details
ER242969Pulnix / TakexMW-50Photo Beam Microwave Sensor W/Transm And Receiver$467.00Details
ER242970Pulnix / TakexNA-M7RPhoto Electric Sensor Retro Reflective$107.17Details
ER281496Pulnix / TakexPA-5312E40' Wide Angle Ceiling Mount$169.67Details
ER250061Pulnix / TakexPB-100HF-KH330' / 660' Intelligent Double Modulated$449.82Details
ER212786Pulnix / TakexPB-50HF-KH165' / 330' Intelligent Double Modulated$434.19Details
ER242983Pulnix / TakexPBH12/24Vdc Heater Kit/Pair Tk & Te Small Twn Beams$30.20Details
ER740110Pulnix / TakexSPK-330-6-1330' Max. Solar Power Kit With Pxb-100Sw Photo Bea$1,269.37Details
ER812174Pulnix / TakexSPK-330-6-2330' Max. Solar Power Kit With Pxb-1005Sw$1,725.26Details
ER212811Pulnix / TakexTAS1504' 6" Single Sided Beam Tower Enclosure,$399.83Details
ER242992Pulnix / TakexTAS2006' 6" Single Sided Beam Tower Enclosure,$467.00Details
ER1052966Pulnix / TakexWO-3DCamera Mount Bracket$170.08Details