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Video Security (CCTV)

Unshielded Twisted Pair Devices

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER111903Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHUTP214T-MVideo Transceiver, Universal, Up To 750 Feet (225M$73.51Details
ER111687Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHVB16TPTXVideoblox Accessory, P/T/Z Receiver, Rs-485, Multi$1,705.62Details
ER939727Ai NextB700Video Balun 700 Ft Max Distance Color Cat 5 Wire$8.71Details
ER1024745Ai NextBL700Video Balun 700'Color Cats With Wire Lead 2/Pk$16.15Details
ER1077018Ai NextBLP210Video Balun With Power Leads (Pair)$28.03Details
ER803748AltronixHUBSAT42D2Hubsat4D 4 Ac2 Balun/Combiner$271.47Details
ER583337AltronixHUBWAYAGC32B8 Port Ex Replace Board Only$451.30Details
ER322539AltronixHUBWAYAGC8B8 Port Exsp Replace Board Only$451.30Details
ER118342AltronixHUBWAYLD162IHubwayld16I 16 Ac Balun/Comb$1,694.26Details
ER584068American Dynamics / RobotRP279007Bnc 75 Ohm Terminator$6.09Details
ER319877Atlas SoundPM8SUB-BSubwoofer, 8 Inch, Pendant Mount, Black Finish, In$290.02Details
ER147065Channel VisionB2011-Channel Video Balun$10.48Details
ER967067ComNet / Communication NetworksCNGE2+2SMSPOEHO/C4 Port Gb Eth Self-Manged Sw 2 Sfp Fx 2Tx/W/60Wpoe$1,283.95Details
ER1034330Dahua TechnologyPFM801Balun, Abs Material, Black, 72.6 X 42.5 X 24.5Mm $25.74Details
ER161623Erico / Caddy FastenersSCMKCScmkc F/Ceiling Bwtn T Bars F/Dome Cameras/Sensors$15.32Details
ER165284Gem ElectronicsBLN-ATBalun, Cctv, Active Transceiver $132.90Details
ER165287Gem ElectronicsBLN-MTL2Connector, Cctv Balun, Bnc Plug To Toolless, 1000$4.27Details
ER626511Gem ElectronicsBLN-PCVRJ452Balun, Cctv, Bnc Plug & Power Contact Lead To Rj45$11.98Details
ER165288Gem ElectronicsBLN-PVRJ451Cctv-Balun-Bnc-Plg W/Pwr Lead All Pigtailed T/Rj45$13.65Details
ER626512Gem ElectronicsBLN-PVRJ452Balun, Cctv, Bnc Plug W/ Power Lead To Rj45 Jack,$8.53Details
ER176817Gem ElectronicsBLNRCAMTLCctv Balun-Rca Jack To Toolless Mini Typ$30.02Details
ER188886Gem ElectronicsBLNRCARJ45Cctv Balun- Rca Jack To Rj45$24.22Details
ER188887Gem ElectronicsBLN-RCATLBalun Passive Rca Jack-Tooless$24.22Details
ER176818Gem ElectronicsBLN-RJ45Balen Bnc Plug-Rj45 Jack$5.73Details
ER176819Gem ElectronicsBLN-RJ45PTBalun, Cctv, Bnc Plug To Rj45 Jack W/ 6 Inch Pigta$20.45Details
ER188888Gem ElectronicsBLN-STPT2Connector, Cctv Balun, Bnc Pigtail To Screw Termin$8.18Details
ER176820Gem ElectronicsBLN-TLBalun Bnc Plug To Tool Less-Punchdown Contacts$24.22Details
ER176822Gem ElectronicsBLN-VGAMSBalun, Vga, Db15F To Rj45 Jack, Monitor Side $74.93Details
ER167138Gem ElectronicsBLN-VGAPCSBalun, Vga, Db15M W/ 6 Inch Lead To Rj45 Jack, Pc$79.17Details
ER176823Gem ElectronicsBLN-VPDRJ45Balun, Cctv, Bnc Plug W/ Separate Power & Data Lea$34.42Details
ER348267Gem ElectronicsH16P-STRJ45BNCBalun Hub, Cctv, Passive, 16-Position, (16) Bnc Ja$343.59Details
ER1006877Gem ElectronicsHDBAARTPair Active Transmitter+Acive$100.38Details
ER948730Gem ElectronicsHDBAPRTHdb-Aprt1080P High Performance Active/P$74.93Details
ER750844Gem ElectronicsHDB-PVRJ45PT2Video/Power Balun, 1080P, High Performance, All Pi$17.42Details
ER832823Gem ElectronicsHDB-PVRJ45PT2-1Video/Power Balun, 1080P, High Performance, All Pi$15.91Details
ER806193Gem ElectronicsHDB-RJPT2Video Balun, 1080P, High Performance, With 2 Pigta$11.15Details
ER926445Gem ElectronicsHDB-VRABalun, Video, 1080P, High Performance, W/ Voltage$16.65Details
ER919900Gem ElectronicsHDB-VSTPT2Video Balun, 1080P, High Performance, 1 With Pigta$10.83Details
ER780702Gem ElectronicsHD-GLIIsolator, Ground Loop, 1080P, High Performance $19.68Details
ER959142Gem ElectronicsHD-GLIVBIsolator, Ground Loop, 1080P, High Performance, Fo$43.92Details
ER917792Gem ElectronicsHDHUB-16PVideo Hub, 1080P, High Performance, 16 Position, S$104.62Details
ER769659Gem ElectronicsHDHUB-16PVP1080P High Performance 16 Position Video/Power Hub$384.49Details
ER733466Gem ElectronicsHDHUB-4PVPHub, Video/Power, 4-Position, 1080P, High Performa$265.82Details
ER756932Gem ElectronicsHDHUB-8PVideo Hub, 1080P, High Performance, 8 Position, Sc$104.62Details
ER762314Gem ElectronicsHDHUB-8PVPHub, Video/Power, 8-Position, 1080P, High Performa$287.68Details
ER311774Gem ElectronicsPH16P-VP24WM16 Ch.Vid/Pwr Hub,W/ Replaceable Ps, 24V Wallmount$670.83Details
ER348259Gem ElectronicsPH4P-VP24WMHub, Video/Power, 4-Channel, Wall Mount, W/ Replac$447.21Details
ER348258Gem ElectronicsPH8P-VP24WMHub, Video/Power, 8-Channel, Wall Mount, W/ Replac$511.30Details
ER169998Gem ElectronicsTRB-16BNCSTTransceiver Box, 16-Position, (16) Bnc Jacks To Sc$67.86Details
ER165315Gem ElectronicsTRB-4BNCSTRJ45Transceiver Box, 4-Position, (4) Bnc Jacks To Scre$17.42Details
ER176841Gem ElectronicsTRB-4BNCVPPTTransceiver Box, 4-Position, Video / Power, 3 Foot$31.49Details
ER188903Gem ElectronicsTRB-8BNCSTRJ45Transceiver Box, 8-Position, (8) Bnc Jacks To Scre$35.13Details
ER170001Gem ElectronicsTRB-8BNCVPPT8 Channl Wall Mount,Trnscvr W/Video & Pwr Pigtail$65.03Details
ER180493i3 DVRDV4Utp Xmtf: Bnc To P Ush TerminalCall for Price.Details
ER271820LAN Power SystemsVBUVideo Balun Male Cnnect W/Rj45$12.98Details
ER225059LAN Power SystemsVBUPAIRPair Video Balum Male Connect$20.45Details
ER271821LAN Power SystemsVBUPCVideo Balun W/Cat5E Patch Cord$15.91Details
ER219608MG ElectronicsMG39Video Balun Per Pack Per Each$11.65Details
ER225725Muxlab500000RModular Cctv Balun, R8T7$31.49Details
ER276003Muxlab500131Passive Hub 16Prt Pas Balun$429.49Details
ER236678Muxlab500132Cctv Pass-Thru/Gli Balun$64.34Details
ER237516NitekCAMPTR1Cam Surge Protect Sngl Chnl$49.78Details
ER338476NitekIPCOAX16Surge Protector, Ethernet Over Coax, 16-Channel, I$502.74Details
ER893250NitekIPGPU1Din Rail Mounted Network Surge Protector$80.99Details
ER1076621NitekIPMRJ1Single Channel Network 10/10/1000/Poe Surge$51.99Details
ER1051933NitekRB104Rack Panel Wall Bracket$213.50Details
ER206019NVT / Network Video Technologies1613$1,074.02Details
ER276963NVT / Network Video Technologies1613S16-Channel Passive Stub Hub$731.33Details
ER237844NVT / Network Video Technologies164216 Channel Stub Eq Active Hub$1,911.41Details
ER227598NVT / Network Video Technologies208AMPassive Video Transmitter$41.74Details
ER227599NVT / Network Video Technologies214A-MPassive Video-Transceiver$41.74Details
ER206020NVT / Network Video Technologies216APVPassive Transciever For Pwr$58.68Details
ER237845NVT / Network Video Technologies218APVDPassive Video Transceiver W/Power&Data Connections$76.34Details
ER227600NVT / Network Video Technologies226JPVVideo Transmiter W/12W Dvc Camera$86.24Details
ER206022NVT / Network Video Technologies314APassive Vid/Audio Transceiver$132.90Details
ER206023NVT / Network Video Technologies321332Port Passive Vid Trans Hub$2,064.17Details
ER227601NVT / Network Video Technologies3213S32 Channel Passive Stub Hub$1,406.41Details
ER206024NVT / Network Video Technologies413A4 Chan Passive Vid Transceiver$257.33Details
ER227604NVT / Network Video Technologies452R1.5Mile 4 Chnl Receiver 4 Port Amplified Receiver$787.79Details
ER237846NVT / Network Video Technologies518A2 Chan Vid/Aud Trans - To 3K'$336.77Details
ER237847NVT / Network Video Technologies518AR2 Chan Vid/Aud - To 3K'-Rkmnt$336.77Details
ER237848NVT / Network Video Technologies704JPVD4 Channel Intergrator W/Power,Video,Data$86.24Details
ER227606NVT / Network Video Technologies813$578.11Details
ER227607NVT / Network Video Technologies813S8 Ch Passive Stub Hub$380.40Details
ER206025NVT / Network Video Technologies8428Ch Stubeq Active Receiver Hubs(Pwr Supplyincluded$993.93Details
ER206026NVT / Network Video Technologies8728 Channel Digitaleq Active Receiver Hub$1,468.27Details
ER923960NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNV-PL-PA-011-6Phylink Adapter, 6-Pack, 1 Year Warranty Included$631.29Details
ER507418Seco-LarmEB-P101-20VQEnforcer Passive Video, Power & Data (Vpd) Balun$9.98Details
ER334049Seco-LarmEB-P501-20QElite Pass Vid Balun/Gold 6 Cn$13.32Details
ER248418Seco-LarmEVT-PB1-H05QPassive Vdp W.Blt In Vlt Booster$29.54Details
ER285707Seco-LarmEVT-PB1-L05QPassive Vdp W/Blt In Voltage Converter$29.54Details
ER288568SpecoUTPGLPRVideo Ground Loop Isolator, For Unshielded Twisted$72.99Details
ER223961SR ComponentsBABNCMR45SBabncmr45S Cctv Balun Rj45-Bnc$21.19Details
ER1069461UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixGEC-16VPDCHUB16Ch Powered Vpd Combiner Hub$993.93Details
ER963056UTC / GE Secuirty / InterlogixKDT-83Rs422 Data Signal Distrib Provide 6 Outputs$192.29Details
ER1042328VentraEX4-PIG4 Pin Din To Bnc Video / Audio + Pwr - For Video$12.15Details
ER291721Videon Digital Technologies16CH-VID-DVI16 Channel Dvi Video Pigtail$60.10Details
ER267453Videon Digital TechnologiesBALUN-171 Pair Passive Video Balun$15.91Details
ER950845Videon Digital TechnologiesWT-GLI-XGround Loop Isolators For Xvi$13.82Details