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Video Security (CCTV)

Camera Kits

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER818242Advanced Technology Video / ATVN8P2T4Kit Nvr 8-Ch Poe Hdmi 2Tb, 4-2Mp Turret$788.10Details
ER119806American Dynamics / RobotADCI400D013Illustra 400 Mini Dome 2/3 Mp 3.3-12Mm$618.50Details
ER359340American Dynamics / RobotADLCD32PPXS0BPublic View Monitor, Lcd, W/ Camera, 32 Inch, 1920$1,268.67Details
ER120560American Dynamics / RobotADSDU822OPCPDome Kit, Sdu8, Outdoor, Includes: Adsdu$2,157.57Details
ER120562American Dynamics / RobotADSDU83512X2SNDome Kit Sdu8 Indoor Includes: Adsdu835I$2,376.01Details
ER120565American Dynamics / RobotADSDU8E35I2X2NDome Kit, Indoor, Includes (1) Adsdu8E35Ion Camera$2,050.59Details
ER120157American Dynamics / RobotADTVRS041004 Ch 120Ips 1Tb Value Series$547.20Details
ER121158American Dynamics / RobotCPAKI3303-8Housing & Color Camera Pack, Indoor, Wall Mount, 1$315.05Details
ER121942American Dynamics / RobotCPAKO3302-12Housing & Color Camera Pack, Outdoor, Pole Mount,$379.49Details
ER121167American Dynamics / RobotCPAKO3303-8Housing & Color Camera Pack, Outdoor, Wall Mount,$358.01Details
ER120594American Dynamics / RobotCPAKOP3302-12Housing & Color Camera Pack, Outdoor, Pole Mount,$386.65Details
ER120947American Dynamics / RobotCPAKOP3303-8Housing & Color Camera Pack, Outdoor, Pole Mount,$365.17Details
ER121947American Dynamics / RobotCPAKVEOW2Cam Pack: Ve Ip Box Cam,2.8-11,Outdoor H$679.02Details
ER120377American Dynamics / RobotSP0351131501External, Cable Kit, S3$19.09Details
ER322380American Dynamics / RobotSP0352012601Installation Kit For The American Dynami$24.82Details
ER121808American FibertekVK-M1CVideo Kit, Multimode, Includes (1) Mtm-1C Mini Tra$426.56Details
ER123174APC / American Power ConversionNBWL0500Netbotz 500 Wall Appliance With Camera$1,669.40Details
ER124013APC / American Power ConversionNBWL0500NApc Netbotz 500 Wall Appliance$2,726.23Details
ER982689Axis CommunicationsSPRP3343DOMEKITDome Kit For Axis P3343, Axis P3344, Axi$38.22Details
ER1024956Axis CommunicationsSPRP3343VDOMEKITDome Kit For Axis P3343-V, Axis P3344-V,$87.81Details
ER936956Axis CommunicationsT94B02DPENDANTKITPendant Kit To Enable Use Of Axis Mounti$38.22Details
ER593122Bogen CommunicationsTAMB2PSTelephone Access Module, Includes 24 Vdc Power Sup$239.48Details
ER862453Bolide Technology GroupSVR9004CHDPKIT21Pc. Svr9004Chd 1Tb, 4 Pcs Bc1109 Eyebal$479.77Details
ER801747Bolide Technology GroupSVR9008HDPKIT11Pc. Svr9008Hdp-1Tb, 4Pcs. Bc1109 Eyebal$570.68Details
ER1030598Bolide Technology GroupSVR9908ATHDKIT32TB1 Svr9908Athd 8 Bc1235/Ah - Fixed Lens B$1,050.72Details
ER1034735Bolide Technology GroupSVR9908ATHDKIT42TB1 Svr9908Athd 8 Bc1209Irod/Ah - Fixed Le$1,050.72Details
ER136930Bosch Security (CCTV)GVS1000-11-NLong Range Ptz, Day/Night 730Nm Ir, 60X Opticalzoom Ntsc, Pelco P/DCall for Price.Details
ER136931Bosch Security (CCTV)GVS1000-12-NLong Range Ptz, Day/Night 730Nm Ir, 60X Oprtical Zoom Ntsc, Bosch Bi-PhaseCall for Price.Details
ER137553Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXBUA14618NMic440Axbua14618N Explosion Protectdd, Upright Mount, Blk Ad Prtcl, 18:1 Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER138170Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXBUL14618NMic440Axbul14618N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Blk Vcl Prtcl, 18:1 Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER138171Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXBUL14636NMic440Axbul14636N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Blk Vcl Prtcl, 18:1 Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER137997Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXBUW14618NMic440Axbuw14618N Explsn Prtctd, Upright Mount, Blk Fv Prtcl, 18:1Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER137998Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXBUW14636NMic440Axbuw14636N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Blk Fv Protocol 18:1Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER139196Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXWUA14618NMic440Axwua14618N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Wh Ad Protocol18:1 Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER137999Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXWUA14636NMic440Axwua14636N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Wh Ad Prtcl 18:1 Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER1001833Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXWUD14636PMic-440 Explosion Protected, White, Upri$13,408.68Details
ER138000Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXWUL14618NMic440Axwul14618N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Wh Vcl Prtcl18:1 Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER137557Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXWUL14636NMic440Axwul14636N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Wh Vcl Prtcl 18:1 Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER139197Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXWUP14618NMic440Axwup14618N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Wh Bosch Prtcl 18:1Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER139198Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXWUP14636NMic440Axwup14636N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Wh Bosch Prtcl,18:1Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER138001Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXWUW14618NMic440Axwuw14618N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Wh Fv Protocol 18:1Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER138002Bosch Security (CCTV)MIC440AXWUW14636NMic440Axwuw14636N Explosion Protected, Upright Mount, Wh Fv Prtcl, 18:1 Ntsc$13,126.40Details
ER755969Bosch Security (CCTV)NKN-71013-BA3-20NOutdoor Prepackaged Camera, Dinion 1.3 Mp / 720P60, Starlight, True D/N, Wdr, 3.8-13Mm, Iva Installed, Hsg W/Htr, Blwr, Ss, 24Vac, 50/60Hz$1,024.13Details
ER809608Bosch Security (CCTV)NKN-71013-BA4-20NOutdoor Prepackaged Camera, Dinion 1.3 Mp / 720P60, Starlight, Wdr, 9-40Mm, Iva Installed, Hsg W/Htr, Blwr, Ss, 24Vac, 50/60Hz$1,129.18Details
ER818090Bosch Security (CCTV)NKN-71022-BA3-20NOutdoor Prepackaged Camera, Dinion 2Mp / 1080P, True D/N, 3.8-13Mm, Iva Installed, Hsg W/Htr, Ip66, Blwr, Ss, 24Vac, 50/60Hz$1,142.30Details
ER921534Bosch Security (CCTV)NKN-71022-BA4-20NOutdoor Prepackaged Camera, Dinion 2 Mp / 1080P, True D/N, 9-40Mm, Iva Installed, Hsg W/Htr, Blwr, Ss, 24Vac, 50/60Hz$1,247.35Details
ER735293Bosch Security (CCTV)NKN-71027-BA3-20NOutdoor Prepackaged Camera, Dinion 2 Mp 1080P, True D/N, Wdr, 3.8-13Mm, Iva Installed, Hsg W/Htr, Blwr, Ss, 24Vac, 50/60Hz$1,221.09Details
ER854766Bosch Security (CCTV)NKN-71027-BA4-20NOutdoor Prepackaged Camera, Dinion 2Mp / 1080P, True D/N, Wdr, 9-40Mm, Iva Installed, Hsg W/Htr, Blwr, Ss, 24Vac, 50/60Hz$1,275.13Details
ER137760Bosch Security (CCTV)UPH-C485N-L8120High-Speed Positioning System 0485 Dinion Xf 1/3-Inch Ntsc Day/Night Cameras$1,734.94Details
ER138712Bosch Security (CCTV)UPH-C498N-L8585High-Speed Positioning System 0498 Dinion 2X 1/3-Inch Ntsc Day/Night Cameras$3,074.48Details
ER138713Bosch Security (CCTV)UPH-C498N-L86154Camera/Lens Assembly For Hsps Includes Ltc 0498 Dinion 2X 1/3" 540 Tvl D/N$3,477.96Details
ER138349Bosch Security (CCTV)UPH-C610N-L8120High-Speed Positioning System 0610 Dinion Xf 1/2-Inch Ntsc Day/Night Cameras$1,854.64Details
ER139608Bosch Security (CCTV)UPH-C630N-L8120Camera/Lens Sled Assembly For 0630 Dinion 2X 1/2-Inch Ntsc D/N Color Camera$1,915.16Details
ER138350Bosch Security (CCTV)UPH-C630N-L8585Camera/Lens Sled Assembly For Hsps Includes Ltc 0630 Dinion 2X 1/2-Inch Ntsc$3,202.24Details
ER137761Bosch Security (CCTV)UPH-C630N-L86154Camera/Lens Assembly For Hsps Includes Ltc 0630 Dinion 2X 1/2" 540 Tvl D/N$3,605.73Details
ER138714Bosch Security (CCTV)UPHHD24Hsps Integrated Positioning System Base$2,644.65Details
ER837243Bosch Security (CCTV)VKC-4075V10-20Outdoor Prepackaged Camera, Dinion 960H, Electronic D/N, Dwdr, 5 To 50Mm, Housing W/Htr, Blwr, Ss, 24Vac, 50/60Hz$422.69Details
ER869478Bosch Security (CCTV)VKC-4075V4-20Outdoor Prepackaged Camera, Dinion 960H, Electronic D/N, Dwdr, 2.8 To 12Mm, Hsg W/Htr, Blwr, Ss, 24Vac, 50/60Hz$395.42Details
ER712240Bosch Security (CCTV)VKN-5085V10-20Outdoor Prepackaged Camera, Dinion 960H, True D/N, Dwdr, 5 To 50Mm, Hsg W/Htr, Blwr, Ss, 24Vac, 50/60Hz$681.75Details
ER906800Bosch Security (CCTV)VKN-5085V4-20Outdoor Prepackaged Camera, Dinion 960H, True D/N, Dwdr, 2.8 To 11Mm, Hsg W/Htr, Blwr, Ss, 24Vac, 50/60Hz$654.48Details
ER142279CBC America / ComputarCECEV48AChugai Cec-Ev48A B/W 1/3" W/In$109.49Details
ER141433CBC America / ComputarCK18GYch-04-Bl Camera Kit W/Tg4Z2813Fcs-31$237.82Details
ER597417CBC America / ComputarGBK-36XColor Analog Camera Kit, Indoor, In-Wall, Gang Box$273.26Details
ER317236CBC America / ComputarHWB128RA20Hwb-1 W/Tg4Z2813Fcs-Ir &Amp; Ycx-05Wn (2.8-1$498.97Details
ER144309CBC America / ComputarHWB128RA9Cmt Pro Pak Housing, D/N W/2.8-12Mm Ai$581.14Details
ER142644CBC America / ComputarHWB1413C2MHwb1 W/ H3Z4518Cs-Mpir (4.5-13.2Mm Ir M/$843.02Details
ER597454CBC America / ComputarHWB2281A23Hwb2 W/Tg4Z2813Fcs-31-Ir &Amp; Ycb-08$319.71Details
ER143244CBC America / ComputarHWB2-310A17Hwb2 W/Ych-04 & Tg3Z3510Fcs-31$394.39Details
ER597456CBC America / ComputarHWB2-5A22Camera Kit, Includes (1) Hwb-2 Propak Housing W/ H$399.67Details
ER143249CBC America / ComputarHWB284A17Pro Pak Camera Package Hwb2, 8.5-40Mm Au$445.21Details
ER143253CBC America / ComputarHWB3228MP3DIpak Pre-Assembled Housing With Mp3Dn C$1,300.95Details
ER144329CBC America / ComputarHWB350MP3DIpak Pre-Assembled Housing With Mp3Dn C$1,308.48Details
ER354098CBC America / ComputarHWB4281A17Pro Pak Camera Kit W/ Housing And Lens$552.08Details
ER317228CBC America / ComputarHWB45A22Hwb-4 With Ycx-05 And Tg10Z0513Fcs-31$485.53Details
ER143265CBC America / ComputarLCHE49AChugai 1/4" B&Amp;W Hires W/Integr$143.20Details
ER142940CBC America / ComputarYCH04KIT2Cmt Ych04 With 2.8-12Mm Lens, Bracket$212.26Details
ER143007CBC America / ComputarZNRM75TBZEZnr Master, Up To 32 Channel Nvr, Up To$6,880.76Details
ER598000Chamberlain Professional / SentexEL25CAMKTEl25 Elite Color Camera Kit$366.21Details
ER146317CNB TechnologyCN258IRIndoor - Bustop Cam - 380Tvl$71.27Details
ER810311CNB TechnologyRV2750NIR**Eol** No Longer Available$95.56Details
ER859589ComNet / Communication NetworksCLEK41EOCEthernet Extender Kit, Copperline Light Series, Et$1,473.01Details
ER180306Compulan / Digital ID ViewCY60322TBD1-Real Time, 32 Ch Audio$7,096.81Details
ER316604Compulan / Digital ID ViewIV8CHKIT8 Camera Kit$1,115.46Details
ER812902Compulan / Digital ID ViewIVCD102Two Output Video Distributor, One Camera$42.97Details
ER755433Compulan / Digital ID ViewIVK4104EDAHD2TBIv-411Z-Ahd-1Tb And 4 - Iv-Def368S-Ahdm$543.72Details
ER743257Compulan / Digital ID ViewIVK4104EDAHDH1TBKit Includes One 1080P Dvr, Iv-411Zahdh-$742.46Details
ER874896Compulan / Digital ID ViewIVK411Z4ZD6100TB4Ch 960H Hybrid Dvr W/ 4 Vf 700Tvl Camer$961.37Details
ER180337Compulan / Digital ID ViewIVSM5Audio Surevlliance Kit$147.08Details
ER607764Costar Video SystemsCCC3520ATMKIT11/3" Ccd Miniature Pixim Atm Kit, ColorCall for Price.Details
ER414250Costar Video SystemsCDC3600XFStardome Outdoor Flush Mount KitCall for Price.Details
ER414251Costar Video SystemsCDC3600XPAMStardome Outdoor Parapet Mount KitCall for Price.Details
ER825081EverfocusIPKITEZIp Kit, Includes (1) Nvr, And (4) Bullet Netwrok CCall for Price.Details
ER313957EverfocusPREWIRECCTVKIT2Everfocus Kit 2 For PrewireCall for Price.Details
ER186115EverfocusSGI4CAMKT4Ch Dvr, 4 Cameras Bundle KitCall for Price.Details
ER1042493ExacqIPS04012TR22U Ip Server, 64 Ip Cameras (4 LicensesCall for Price.Details
ER617982ExacqIPS046000R2L2U Ip Server, 64 Ip Cameras (4 LicensesCall for Price.Details
ER623062FLIR SystemsA1201210Defend Ir-Hd Kit, 50Mm Lens$48,000.97Details
ER349302FLIR SystemsD47KITSTRNAStarter Kit, Includes Power Supply, 25 F$1,021.93Details
ER443443GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKCWDNAHi Res Day/Night 470Tvl Kit 3.5-8Mm A/I$741.02Details
ER443445GE Security / UTC Fire & SecurityKCWDNGKtc-2000N, Col Hi-Res D/N Wthrprf$771.27Details
ER178332H.A.I. Home Automation11PROMOIPBPromo Kit Surveillance And Music$3,216.23Details
ER884610Hikvision USADS7204P**Eol**Dvr/Pkg 1,7204Ahlis$623.12Details
ER169466Hikvision USADS9516NIS50016-Ip Camera(4Cif) Or 8-Ip Camera (720P/$1,151.96Details
ER800775HoffmanLEK6BRunway Elevation Kit 6” Black$51.98Details
ER835004Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTINS88NVR2TBB8Ch All In One Storm Series Nvr Camera B$1,054.30Details
ER842039Inaxsys Security Systems / ICTPRTDEMCASE1Protégé Demo Kit In A Travel Case$1,881.44Details
ER345909IQInvisionIQ861NEV16Sentinel H.264 Hd720P Camera, Remote Foc$1,269.38Details
ER197841KantechKTES-CAM-NCovert Clr Camera Kit W/Brckt F/Ktes-125$548.73Details
ER902289KBC NetworksKBC-SPB-24VAC-24Power Kit Providing Poe Power For (1) Ip Ptz Camer$599.65Details
ER636083KBC NetworksKBC-SPB-4AF-24Power Kit Providing Poe Power For (4) 802.3At Ip C$816.11Details
ER895433KT&C AmericaACEVDR38NUB750Tvl Wdr Module, D/N Osd, 3.6Mm Board$150.14Details
ER920794KT&C AmericaKNCHDBI230WWX372.1Mp Miniature Bullet, 3.7Mm Mega Super$469.68Details
ER636798KT&C AmericaKNCHDBI230WX37W2.1Mp 1080P@30Fps Mini Bullet, 3.7Mm(3Mp$469.68Details
ER636799KT&C AmericaKNCHDBI230WX37W16G2.1Mp 1080P@30Fps Mini Bullet, 3.7Mm(3Mp$503.35Details
ER642453Marshall ElectronicsOR901XDIFull Featured 9" Field/Cam. Top W/Dual 3$4,141.17Details
ER737650Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED-MTBS12KAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Independent Byp$553.01Details
ER920376Minuteman UPS / Para SystemsED-MTBS20KAccessory, Battery Pack, External, Independent Byp$677.76Details
ER647198MobitexMX-D24M-VANDAL-PUBLAccessory, Camera Housing Set, Stainless Steel Cov$168.15Details
ER647239MobitexMX-M15D-THERMAL-L135Thermographic Network Camera, Allrounddual M15D Se$4,902.42Details
ER647240MobitexMX-M15D-THERMAL-L43Thermographic Network Camera, Allrounddual M15D Se$5,062.35Details
ER647241MobitexMX-M15D-THERMAL-L65Thermographic Network Camera, Allrounddual M15D Se$4,902.42Details
ER204857Muxlab500110Cctv Ip Extender Kit$661.77Details
ER650985NapcoISEE-WLAPAccess Point, Wireless, 802.11B/G/N, Includes Cat-$80.03Details
ER276131NapcoISVLOKIT3Outdoor Wireless Camera Kit$348.36Details
ER302760NapcoISVWLHDCAMNetwork Ir Camera, Wireless, Indoor, Color, Cmos I$204.49Details
ER302759NapcoISVWLHDKIT4Camera Kit, Includes (1) Isvwlhdcam Network Ir Cam$285.12Details
ER650987NapcoISVWLOHDKIT6Camera Kit, Includes (1) Isvwlohd Network Ir Camer$368.31Details
ER225955NapcoVCAM1EOPNP112(1)Vcam1, (2) Eop Modules W/12 Moths Of$246.29Details
ER225956NapcoVCAM1EOPNP212(2)Vcam1, (3) Eop Modeules W/12 Months O$414.14Details
ER276899NUUOIPPLUS25Ip Plus Digital Surveillance System, 25$2,727.78Details
ER995064NUUOIVSPRESENCE011 Ch License For Ivs Presence$54.25Details
ER653306NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNV-EC1701-K1HCamera Transmission System Kit, Ethernet-Over-Coax$673.36Details
ER653308NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNV-EC1701-K3HCamera Transmission System Kit, Ethernet-Over-Coax$1,217.62Details
ER653311NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNV-EC1701U-K11 - Camera Eo2 Transmission System; (2)$659.09Details
ER653312NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNV-EC1701U-K1HCamera Transmission System Kit, Ethernet-Over-2-Wi$673.36Details
ER653316NVT / Network Video TechnologiesNV-EC1701U-K3H3 Camera Eo2 Trans Sys, Has Nv-Ec1701U, 1 Nv-Ps56-90W Pwr Supply$1,217.62Details
ER277289On-Q / LegrandCM1030Color Ir Camera Kit With Cm1011 Camera M$241.34Details
ER713117OpenEyeOECA7000FMKFlush Mount Kit For 7000 Series$46.98Details
ER848397OpenEyeOECA7000PHOutdoor Pendant Housing For Cm-716, Oe-C$59.93Details
ER814711OpenEyeOE-CAMFMKFlush Mount Kit, For Cm-M806 Model *Core Items Shi$58.45Details
ER654369Panasonic SecurityPGHG1008ZAC1Camera Pack For Wvsw155$3.11Details
ER984382Panasonic SecurityPOCSPN531LMP05Color Fixed Camera Package: Wv-Spn531A,$1,036.26Details
ER505235Panasonic SecurityRPPKPOD9Pod9 Series Hardware Kit - Stand Offs, S$89.61Details
ER951536Panasonic SecuritySVCINSKIT(1) Kodak Full Size Tripod (1) Kodak Tab$521.85Details
ER952046Panasonic SecurityWVSW352MKIT62Special Order Wvsw352 Kit$1,131.01Details
ER233526Panasonic TelephoneKXVC3003MOS1) Kx-Vc300Na (Codec) (1) Kx-Vca002Na (M$4,946.84Details
ER278290Panasonic TelephoneKXVC500SABSVis. Comm. Trial Pkg Pan-Kxvc500Na +Pan-$6,489.85Details
ER239353Panasonic TelephoneKXVC6003MOS(1) Kx-Vc600Na (Codec) (1) Kx-Vca001Na ($8,216.56Details
ER655209Pelco / Schneider ElectricC20DW6V3Camerapak® Consists Of The Following Pel$380.46Details
ER237111Pelco / Schneider ElectricCM9765L256X16Cm9765L-256X16 Sysyem Lp$12,102.11Details
ER240006Pelco / Schneider ElectricCM977032X16Cm9770-32X16 High Density System$8,440.56Details
ER337266Pelco / Schneider ElectricCM9780256X32Preconfigured System 9780 Consisting Of:$28,273.83Details
ER503418Pelco / Schneider ElectricCM9780704X169780-704X16 High Density System$56,444.93Details
ER237178Pelco / Schneider ElectricDF5AM-PG-E1V50ADay / Night Camera, Domepak Includes (1) C10Dn-6,$929.30Details
ER237186Pelco / Schneider ElectricDF5KW-1R3ADome & Day/Night Camera, Domepak, Includes Df5-1,$676.14Details
ER301367Pelco / Schneider ElectricDF8PJ-PG-E0V21Domepak Smk Env Gry Pend Wdr Camera 2.8-12Mm. Df8-Pg-E0/C20-Dw-6$969.62Details
ER208885Pelco / Schneider ElectricES3012-2KWZ10WImagepak, Esprit, Includes (1) Es3012-2, (1) Ccc13$2,699.16Details
ER657838Pelco / Schneider ElectricES3012-2PAZ20PWEsprit Hi Rez Col, 5.6X20P Mnt W/ Es3012-2, C20-Ch-6, 13Zd5.6X20P, Ewm$3,027.79Details
ER503339Pelco / Schneider ElectricES3012-2PAZ30NEsprit Hi Rez Col, 5.5X30 Pedstl W/Es3012-2, C20-Ch-6$3,491.43Details
ER337184Pelco / Schneider ElectricES3012-2PJZ20PNEsprit Hi Rez Wdr, 5.6X20P Pedstl W/Es3012-2, C20-Dw-$3,150.29Details
ER208914Pelco / Schneider ElectricES30C22-2NHousing & Color Camera, P/T, No Wiper, 470 Tvl, Au$2,848.09Details
ER279543Pelco / Schneider ElectricG2515-2KWR75AKHousing & Day/Night Camera, Imagepak, W/ Mount, In$820.35Details
ER658741Pelco / Schneider ElectricG3512-0PJV55AImagepak Eh3512 Hi Rez Wdr Camera 5.5-82.5Mm Auto Iris Eh3512/C20-Dw-6$651.59Details
ER659079Pelco / Schneider ElectricIMP219-1EIIp Sarix Pro Envir, Poe 24V Minidm 2 Mp 30 Ips D/N Clear$446.94Details
ER659088Pelco / Schneider ElectricIMP319-1EIIp Sarix Pro Envir, Poe 24V Minidm 3 Mp 20 Ips D/N Clear$524.22Details
ER209981Pelco / Schneider ElectricIPSXM30CBW23Day / Night Camera Module, Integrated Optics, Exsi$2,305.79Details
ER927207Pelco / Schneider ElectricIS90-CH12Dome & Color Camera, Mini, Is, Camclosure, White H$246.16Details
ER773069Pelco / Schneider ElectricIS90-CH3Dome & Color Camera, Mini, Is, Camclosure, White H$246.16Details
ER279780Pelco / Schneider ElectricIS90-DNV22Dome & Day / Night Camera, Camclosure, Indoor, Smo$425.94Details
ER677317PromountsURPRO200KITUr Pro 200 Fixed Mount, Fc20 2 Meter Hdm$45.30Details
ER677328Protection TechSDI76XL2VSame Coverage As Sdi-76Xl2 With Housing$876.32Details
ER281456Protection TechSDI-77XL2VSame Coverage As Sdi-77Xl2 With Housing$912.06Details
ER677340Protection TechSDI77XL2VBSame Coverage As Sdi-77Xl2-B With Housin$889.32Details
ER677341Protection TechSDI77XL2VCSame Coverage As Sdi-77Xl2-C With Housin$889.32Details
ER722340Protection TechSDI77XL2VWC*Eol* - Includes 1/3” Ikegami C$1,211.47Details
ER843579Protection TechSDI77XL2VWCIRS*Eol*– Includes 1/2” B/W Ikegam$1,295.03Details
ER944969Samsung TechwinSRK3030S1TB4Ch/3 Camera Ip Kit W/ One 5Mp Fisheye ($1,290.73Details
ER980136Samsung TechwinSRK3040S1TB4Ch/4 Camera Ip Kit W/ Four 2Mp Indoor I$1,200.99Details
ER994265Samsung TechwinSRK5120S3TB16Ch/12 Camera Ip Kit W/ Twelve 2Mp Indo$2,786.05Details
ER888831Select Engineered SystemsRPMINICOLORCAMMini Color Digital Camera Kit W/Bracket$381.10Details
ER936572Seneca Data Distributors1250SERIESSQ207639Nexlink 1250 Series$976.08Details
ER909292Seneca Data Distributors3250SERIESSQ237237Nexlink 3250 Series Kit$2,010.15Details
ER1017869Seneca Data DistributorsST3000SQ312920St3000 Storage Kit$7,132.01Details
ER798830Seneca Data DistributorsXMANAGESQ255013Xvault Management Server$4,036.71Details
ER685196Seneca Data DistributorsXNVR100SQ191039Xvault Network Video Recorder 100 Series$2,830.12Details
ER685197Seneca Data DistributorsXNVR100SQ191047Xvault Network Video Recorder 100 Series$2,957.38Details
ER506346Seneca Data DistributorsXNVR2002U8B24TW7Xvault Network Video Recorder 200 Series$7,809.87Details
ER685304Seneca Data DistributorsXNVR200SQ191026Xvault Network Video Recorder 200 Series$7,424.18Details
ER685305Seneca Data DistributorsXNVR200SQ191130Xvault Network Video Recorder 200 Series$5,504.62Details
ER685308Seneca Data DistributorsXNVR200SQ19659942C-00022 Ms Windows 7 Professional For$11,037.47Details
ER886625Seneca Data DistributorsXNVR200SQ258752Xvault Network Video Recorder 200 Series$7,212.46Details
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ER852547Seneca Data DistributorsXVIEW400SQ255013Xview 400 Workstation$4,079.06Details
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