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Video Security (CCTV)

Power Supplies

ITEM# Vendor Name Part # Item Description Price (US) Details
ER7744382GIG Technologies2GIG-BATT2XBattery Pack, Replacement, Long-Life $28.75Details
ER9812582GIG Technologies2GIGBATTERYGC3Gc3 Replacement Battery$29.50Details
ER9006302N Telekomunikace91590522N® Induction Loop - Power Supply$55.49Details
ER829795ACTI CorporationLALPR10000004*1 License, 4 Channels* The License Is F$1,402.88Details
ER783276ACTI CorporationLCDP1000Software License, Device Integration Pack, Support$96.38Details
ER827320ACTI CorporationLCDP1002Software License, Device Integration Pack, Support$39.28Details
ER578860ACTI CorporationLCMS200000094Cms 2.X Online Registration License Key,$2,930.43Details
ER813215ACTI CorporationLCMS20000064Cms 2 X Online Registration Key 64 Chs$1,995.19Details
ER324262ACTI CorporationLGNR2000001AGnr-2000 S/W Upgrade Package. No. Of Add$129.20Details
ER361522ACTI CorporationLGNR2000004AGnr-2000 S/W Upgrade Package. No. Of Add$484.83Details
ER369176ACTI CorporationLNVR300000008Nvr3.X S/W Upgrade Package. No. Of Add-O$778.12Details
ER369180ACTI CorporationLNVR3000-00024Nvr3.X Software Upgrade Package 24Chs Add-On$1,646.02Details
ER361513ACTI CorporationLXNR420000024Xnr-4200 S/W Upgrade Package. No. Of Add$2,693.49Details
ER324252ACTI CorporationLXNR420000064Software Key Enabled 64 Licenses$7,010.29Details
ER361511ACTI CorporationPACX-0002Accessory, Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, For Pmon-1$72.68Details
ER324232ACTI CorporationPPBX-0000-000R0Ip-66 Pwr Box F/10-115V Ac Pwr$207.84Details
ER578935ACTI CorporationPPBX-000424Vac Power Supply Adapter 110V$118.76Details
ER324230ACTI CorporationPPBX004000R0Power Adapter For Tcm-6630N Speed Dome$104.75Details
ER578937ACTI CorporationPPOE-0001Accessory, Poe Injector, 110-240 Vac, Ieee 802.3Af$80.57Details
ER369214ACTI CorporationPPOE-0100Ieee 802.3 At High Poe Injector For Kcm-8111$113.11Details
ER578938ACTI CorporationPPOE-0101Accessory, Poe Injector, 100-240 Vac, Ieee 802.3At$110.59Details
ER578939ACTI CorporationPPOE-0102Accessory, Poe Injector, 100-240 Vac, Ieee 802.3Af$178.52Details
ER324228ACTI CorporationR17000088000Camera Power Supply$18.71Details
ER1021656ACTI CorporationR707X0003100Ac Power Supply For Enr1000,1100,1200$48.83Details
ER580520Ademco Video / Honeywell Video100-00552$34.42Details
ER711444Ademco Video / Honeywell Video300-04666Ps/Lf/Ac-Dc/100-240Vac/3.3/5/$166.84Details
ER580548Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHCSP1Accessory, Surge Suppression For 24 Vac $56.38Details
ER360403Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHFPW400SEA2USpare Part/Ps/400W/Fusion4$317.68Details
ER111614Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHFPWFSP35060GNPower Supply For All Fusions Dvrs$233.30Details
ER112141Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHMXPS9$680.12Details
ER111809Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHPT12DC500Power Supply, Single Output, Dc Plug-In Transforme$16.15Details
ER580649Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHPT2420Power Supply, 24 Vac / 20 Va Class, 2 Plug In, The$7.78Details
ER111810Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHPT2440Power Supply, Single Output, Ac Plug-In Transforme$11.82Details
ER111811Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHPTV2408ULPower Supply, 8 24 Vac, Fuse Out @ 4A Cctv, Enclos$145.63Details
ER111640Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHPTV2416ULPower Supply, 16 24 Vac Fuse Out @ 8A Cctv, Enclos$236.02Details
ER323136Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHRG16PSAccessory, Power Supply Adapter, Spare, For 16-Cha$63.62Details
ER360375Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHRG4PSAccessory, Power Supply Adapter, Spare, For 4-Chan$34.40Details
ER360373Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHRG8PSAccessory, Power Supply Adapter, Spare, For 8-Chan$38.06Details
ER112188Ademco Video / Honeywell VideoHRPK9496Power Supply 300W-V6-V7$200.77Details
ER387423Advanced Technology Video / ATVCLP7550I700Tvl 5-50Mm Ir Led Htr Lic Plate Recog 24Vac$675.30Details
ER112300Advanced Technology Video / ATVP3AC24812CBPower Sup 8 Cam 24Vac$161.72Details
ER360335Advanced Technology Video / ATVP3DC12810CBPow Spply F/8 Cam 12Vdc 10Amp Circuit Br$207.58Details
ER323106Advanced Technology Video / ATVPSDPX16MAtv Psdpx16M Power Supply$26.03Details
ER869586Advanced Technology Video / ATVPS-HS2Pwr Sply,Dsa-36W-12-1-36,12V/3A(4Hs2)$83.41Details
ER323105Advanced Technology Video / ATVPSM12V667APs 12V 6.67A For 20” Pvm Lite (M201Lc2-3$50.33Details
ER323104Advanced Technology Video / ATVPSQSP860MPXAtv Sp860Mpx Power Supply$26.03Details
ER112877Advanced Technology Video / ATVPSTALONAtv 9Volt Plug In Power Supply$22.56Details
ER582166AG NeovoLSE0107A1236Ac Adapter Pwr Supply Input 100-240V50/60Hz 1A$67.17Details
ER1037762AG NeovoLSE0107A124012V Power Supply$67.17Details
ER111861AG NeovoLSE9901B1250Power Adapter For Lcd Monitor$67.17Details
ER112501AG NeovoLSE99POWERADAPTORPower Supply For Monitor$67.17Details
ER387466AG NeovoPOWER SUPPLY FOR SC-17Power Supply For Sc-17$67.17Details
ER916041AG NeovoSC19PSSc19 Power Supply$67.17Details
ER582215Aiphone280190Ot-32A-18V Output TransformerCall for Price.Details
ER112248AiphoneAD1210P12 Volt Dc Power SupplyCall for Price.Details
ER322761Alarm Saf0041012 Volt 12 Ah Battery$87.26Details
ER117033Alarm Saf00607Open Frame Transformer$80.23Details
ER1064676Alarm Saf00635Class 1 Open Frame Transformers, 120 Vac$170.43Details
ER359983Alarm Saf00809Ps3 Bss24 Pwr Supply 12V$250.42Details
ER322758Alarm Saf00810Ps3 Bss 24 Pwr Supply 24V-Ps3-Bfs-24$250.42Details
ER322757Alarm Saf00849Cps 1 12/24Vdc , 1Amp Power Supply Board$30.14Details
ER116871Alarm Saf02810Power Supply 12 Or 24 Volt W/Distrb Brd 8 Output$574.02Details
ER582812Alarm Saf03011Rack Mount Power Supply$587.65Details
ER1002015Alarm Saf1006312/24 Vdc, 6 A Power Supply Large Key$442.69Details
ER359979Alarm Saf1006424Vdc 6A / 12Vdc 16 Power Limited Lockab$865.42Details
ER117048Alarm SafBH-1B17Battery Harness, Connects (1) 17 Ah Battery For 12$12.13Details
ER116152Alarm SafBH-2B17PBattery Harness, Connects (2) 17 Ah Batteries For$21.68Details
ER117180Alarm SafBN 10-000-CMB16F-UL12/24 Vdc, 10 A, 6 Fused Outputs, Backplate Mounte$804.86Details
ER116681Alarm SafBN 8S4-000-CMB16F-UL24Vdc 8A 12Vdc 4A 16 Fused Outputs Backplat$902.02Details
ER883069Alarm SafBN10000-MB16FULPower Supply 12/24Vdc 10A 6 Fused Output$687.87Details
ER828856Alarm SafBN10004P8FUL12/24 Vdc 10 A Power Supply 8 Fused Out$588.08Details
ER116674Alarm SafBN10-004-ULPower Management System, Beaconpower Series, Cabin$494.21Details
ER116677Alarm SafBN6S4-004-MB16-ULIntergrated Dual Managment, Beacon, 12 Vdc / 24 Va$826.73Details
ER582904Alarm SafCCTV-48-CB-UL/CSAPower Supply, For Cctv Camera, B04-6 Boards, Outpu$1,614.81Details
ER359970Alarm SafCCTV-4-UL/CSAPower Supply For Cctv Camera, B 04-5 Boards, Outpu$232.62Details
ER117056Alarm SafCCTV-8-CB-UL/CSAPower Supply 24 Volt 8 Zone W/Circuit Break Ul/Csa$388.67Details
ER117057Alarm SafCPS1000C-UL/CSA-APD16FXPower Management System, Single Voltage, 10 Amps,$806.04Details
ER117194Alarm SafCPS400C-UL/CSA-APD8Power Management System, Single Voltage, 4 Amps, 8$478.86Details
ER116690Alarm SafCPS400C-UL/CSA-APD8FPower Management System, Single Voltage, 4 Amps, 8$473.90Details
ER116165Alarm SafCPS440DX-UL/CSAPower Supply, Agency Listed, Cool Power, 12-24 Vdc$484.38Details
ER117196Alarm SafCPS440DX-UL/CSA-APD16FPower Management System, Dual Voltage, 4/4 Amps, 1$887.76Details
ER116167Alarm SafCPS600C-UL-CSA-APD8 11X15X4Power Supply With Distribution Board 6 Amp 12-24V$578.11Details
ER117268Alarm SafCPS640DX-UL/CSAPower Supply, Agency Listed, Cool Power, 12-24 Vdc$514.79Details
ER582925Alarm SafCPS640DX-UL/CSA-APD16Power Management System, Dual Voltage, 6/4 Amps, 1$931.26Details
ER117197Alarm SafCPS640DX-UL/CSA-APD16FPower Management System, Dual Voltage, 6/4 Amps, 1$920.14Details
ER117200Alarm SafCPS800C-UL/CSA-APD16FXPower Management System, Single Voltage, 8 Amps, 1$775.20Details
ER582928Alarm SafCPS800C-UL/CSA-APD16XPower Management System, Single Voltage, 8 Amps, 1$792.71Details
ER359969Alarm SafCPS800C-UL/CSA-APD8Power Management System, Single Voltage, 8 Amps, 8$592.41Details
ER322744Alarm SafPS1-BFS-12Power Supply, Output 12 Vdc 1A, Charge Capacity 4$121.93Details
ER582946Alarm SafPS5-12040-B03-ULPower Supply, Linear, 12 Vdc, 4A, Key Lockable Cab$350.46Details
ER117288Alarm SafPS5-M-000-ULPower Supply Board, 8/4 Amps, 12 Vdc / 24 Vac, 8/4$190.99Details
ER116887Alarm SafPS5-M-003-UL12/24 Vdc 8/4Amp Power Supply In A 11 X15 X 4 Cab$333.33Details
ER117327Alarm SafRM-2416Power Supply, 24 Vac, 12.5 A, Rack Mount, 16 Ptc P$410.62Details
ER117328Alarm SafRM-2416FPower Supply, 24 Vac, 12.5 A, Rack Mount, 16 Fuse$410.62Details
ER117227Alarm SafRM-248FPower Supply, 24 Vac, 4A, Rack Mount, 8 Fuse Prote$355.48Details
ER117329Alarm SafRM-2816-600Power Supply, 24 / 28 Vac, 25A / 20A, Rack Mount,$528.26Details
ER117230Alarm SafRM-2816F-300Power Supply, 24 / 28 Vac, 12.5 A / 10 A, Rack Mou$442.92Details
ER116191Alarm SafRM-2816F-600Power Supply, 24 / 28 Vac, 25 A / 20 A, Rack Mount$528.26Details
ER117330Alarm SafRMDC-12416-ULPower Supply, (16) Power Limited Outputs, 16/8 Amp$672.18Details
ER116900Alarm SafRMMV-122428-24FPower Management System, Dual, Rack Mount, Externa$1,045.45Details
ER387930Alarm SafT24V20A24Volt Transformer$178.15Details
ER116905Alarm SafTV-16-UL/CSAPower Supply 24Vac 16 Zones Ul Csa Listed$470.39Details
ER359950Alarm SafTV-8-CB-UL/CSACctv-Ac Psupply 24Vac 4Amp 8$297.23Details
ER116907Alarm SafTV-8-UL/BDPower Supply 24Vac 8 Zones Board Only$271.47Details
ER322741Alarm SafTVDC-24249 - 24 Vdc, 2 A, 4 Fused Outputs, Sm Cab$190.59Details
ER950812Alba Fiber SystemsAFSPS48V240WDDinral Power Supply, 90~240Vac Input, 48$268.84Details
ER583041Alnet SystemsNET44 Ip Camera License$161.96Details
ER909963Alnet SystemsNET88 Ip Camera License$468.55Details
ER322706Alnet SystemsNH16Adds 16 Ip Channels To Existing Analog S$1,203.19Details
ER359903Alnet SystemsNH44Ch Ip License Add On$312.38Details
ER359902Alnet SystemsNH8Adds 8 Ip Channels To Existing Analog Sy$624.73Details
ER731190Alpha CommunicationsSS23718Vdc Sys. Power Supply-1.5A$16.36Details
ER583231Alpha Technologies0170006Alpha Sentra Xl 1500 Line-Interactive Up$544.72Details
ER583232Alpha Technologies0170008Alpha Sentra Xl 3000 Line-Interactive Up$719.51Details
ER849624Alpha Technologies01723772- Micro 300-12, 120Vac 60Hz Input, 12Vdc$1,721.37Details
ER583233Alpha Technologies01724328Micro 350-24, 120Vac In/Out, 24Vac Out,$2,171.27Details
ER583234Alpha Technologies01724337Micro350Xl-24,120Vi/O,24Vo,Snmp$2,294.29Details
ER998774Alpha Technologies7400228001Battery Cable Kit, Fxm350, 24Vdc, 2X180G$44.65Details
ER119000AltronixACM4CBPower Control Module, 4-Outputs, 12 / 24 Vac / Vdc$43.64Details
ER118262AltronixACM4EPower Control Module, 4-Outputs, 12 / 24 Vac / Vdc$72.65Details
ER117541AltronixAL1002ADA22010 A 4 Out Ada Sply 220V In$312.30Details
ER322567AltronixAL1002ULADA4Nac Pwr Ext 10A Sync Ul864,9Th$429.52Details
ER779870AltronixAL1012M22012 Vdc 10 A Sply W/Mom5 220V$270.39Details
ER583245AltronixAL1012X22012Vdc 10Amp Accss Cntrl 220V Input$232.73Details
ER919029AltronixAL1024ACMCB220Ptc Outputs Power Supply/Access Power Co$308.67Details
ER118847AltronixAL1024ULMRPower Supply / Charger, 10 Amp @ 24 Vdc, Fire Alar$279.54Details
ER117552AltronixAL1024ULXPD4R10 Amp 24Vac Ul Listed Large Red Cabinet W/Pd4$277.92Details
ER118626AltronixAL168300CBControl Panel Power Supply, 8-Output, 16 Vac At 18$174.37Details
ER118627AltronixAL168600CBControl Panel Power Supply, 8-Output, 16 Vac At 36$188.90Details
ER875327AltronixAL300PD8220Multi-Output Power Supply/Charger That C$182.26Details
ER119020AltronixAL300ULPD4CBRPower Supply 2.5 Amp 4 Fused Outp Red Cab Cir Brk$179.25Details
ER118947AltronixAL300ULXPD16CB16 Output Power Supply/Charger - 12Vdc Or 24Vdc @ 2.5 Amp$193.27Details
ER118948AltronixAL300ULXPD8Power Supply 300Ulx With Pd8 Option$182.26Details
ER359755AltronixAL300ULXPD8CBPower Supply 12/24Vdc @ 2.5 Amp 8 Outputs W/Ptc$187.54Details
ER388111AltronixAL300X220Power Supply/Charger That Converts A Nom$164.19Details
ER119026AltronixAL400ULACMJPower Supply/Charger, 12Vdc @ @ 4 Amp Or 24Vdc @ 3 Amp$244.13Details
ER119035AltronixAL400ULXFPower Supply/Charger 12/24 Vdc$173.23Details
ER117572AltronixAL400ULXPD412/24 Vdc Ul P/S W/4Fused Otpt$188.30Details
ER118957AltronixAL400ULXPD812-24Vdc, Power Supply Charger4 Amp, Pd8$191.30Details
ER119039AltronixAL400X22012/24 Vdc Pwr Sply Mod 220V In$173.23Details
ER763222AltronixAL600PD8220Multi-Output Power Supply/Charger That$250.82Details
ER118965AltronixAL600ULPD4CBR4 Ptc Outputs Power Supply/Charger. 12/2$247.79Details
ER118651AltronixAL600ULPD8RPower Supply 12/24Vdc 6 Amp With Pd8 Red Enclosure$250.79Details
ER117914AltronixAL600ULXFPower Supply/Charger 12/24 Vdc$232.72Details
ER119047AltronixAL600ULXPD8Power Supply 12/24V 8 Amp Fused Outputs W/Pd8$255.34Details
ER359751AltronixAL600X220220V 6 Amp 12/24V Power Supply$232.72Details
ER117918AltronixAL600XB22012/24 Vdc @ 6Amp,Board 220V$172.48Details
ER119052AltronixAL642ULADAPower Extender, 12 Vdc Or 24 Vdc @ 6.5 Amp, Same F$287.26Details
ER119055AltronixAL802ULADAJPower Supply, 12 Vdc Or 24 Vac @ 8 Amp, Al802Ulada$312.49Details
ER117929AltronixALTV1216I12Vac 16 Isltd Video Pwr Supp$358.59Details
ER118981AltronixALTV1224C22012Vdc/24Vac16 Out Cctv 220V In$182.39Details
ER119057AltronixALTV1224C4Power Supply, Cctv, 4-Fused Outputs, 2-24 Vac At 4$149.67Details
ER118666AltronixALTV1224CCB12-Vdc/24Vac/7A 16 Ptc Cctv P/S$168.70Details
ER912000AltronixALTV1224DC222012/24Vdc-6.0A, 16 Sd Out 220V$172.49Details
ER117931AltronixALTV1224DC2CBAltv1224Dc2Cb 12/24V W/Circ.Br$165.69Details
ER119059AltronixALTV1224DC2F12/24 Volt 6 Amp 16 Output$182.39Details
ER118668AltronixALTV1224DCCB8Otp 12Vdc Power Sup W/Breaker$148.46Details
ER119060AltronixALTV1224DCFPowr Supply 12 Or 24 Volts 8 Outputs 4 Amp$164.01Details
ER117932AltronixALTV12412Vac 4 Output 4 Amp Pwr Spply$61.76Details
ER118982AltronixALTV12812Vac @ 4Amps/8 Out Cctv P/S$86.99Details
ER118670AltronixALTV128175Power Supply 12Vac 12 Amp 8 Fused Outputs$203.60Details
ER118983AltronixALTV12DC32PM12Vdc 10 Amp 32 Fused Outputs Power Supply$338.13Details
ER118984AltronixALTV12DC32XXAltv12Dc32Xx 12Vdc 10Amp 32Out$289.05Details
ER322560AltronixALTV12DC32XX22012Vdc 10A 32 Fuse Out 220V$310.80Details
ER119061AltronixALTV16416.5Vac 3A Ac Pwr Supply 4Outs$61.76Details
ER118671AltronixALTV241622024Va/C8A/16 Out Cctv P/S 220V$130.07Details
ER583256AltronixALTV2416300M22024Ac12.5A/28Ac10A,16Fuse, 220Vac$164.01Details
ER119064AltronixALTV2416300UCB3Cctv Power Supply, 16 Output, 24Vac @ 12.5 Amp Or$184.40Details
ER118672AltronixALTV2416300UCBMPower Supply, 24 Vac @ 12.5 Amp Or 28 Vac @ 10 Amp$151.85Details
ER118673AltronixALTV2416300UCM3Cctv Power Supply, 16 Output, 24Vac @ 12.5 Amp Or$151.85Details
ER583257AltronixALTV2416300ULCB324/28V 16 Out Ptc Ul Line Cord$164.94Details
ER322559AltronixALTV2416300ULCBM324Vac@12..5A/16Ptc/3 Wireline/Ul, Sm Enc$157.42Details
ER117935AltronixALTV2416300ULM3Cctv Power Supply, 16 Output, 24Vac @ 12.5 Amp Or$151.85Details
ER583258AltronixALTV241635022024Vac/14A 28Vac/12A 16Fuse 220$164.94Details
ER119065AltronixALTV2416350CBPower Supply, 24 Vac @ 14 Amp Or 28 Vac @ 12.5 Amp$181.64Details
ER119066AltronixALTV2416600Power Supply, 24 Vac @ 28 Amp Or 28 Vac @ 25 Amp,$243.62Details
ER388116AltronixALTV241660022024Vac 16Cam 25Amp 220Vac Inputwallmount$226.85Details
ER117937AltronixALTV2416600CBPower Supply, 24 Vac @ 28 Amp Or 28 Vac @ 25 Amp,$243.62Details
ER119068AltronixALTV2416600UL24 Or 28 Vac,16 Output, Wall Mount, Power Supp Ul$246.09Details
ER119069AltronixALTV2416600UL3Cctv Power Supply, 16 Output, 24Vac @ 25 Amp Or 28$246.09Details
ER388117AltronixALTV2416600ULCB324/28V 16 Out Ptc Ul Line Cord$255.10Details
ER118675AltronixALTV2416CBXXAltv2416Cbx 2416X W/Circut Brk$139.97Details
ER118676AltronixALTV2416ULCBIPower Supply, Cctv, Ac, Wall Mount, 16 Outputs, In$225.24Details
ER117939AltronixALTV2416ULCBI3Cctv Power Supply, Isolated, 16 Output, 24Vac @ 25$225.24Details
ER118677AltronixALTV2416ULCBX3Power Supply 24/28Vac @7 Amp W/3 Prong 6'Line Cord$145.60Details
ER118678AltronixALTV2416ULI3Power Supply 24 Vac @25Amp 16 Fuse 3 Wire Line Crd$225.24Details
ER117940AltronixALTV2416ULX3Cctv Power Supply, 16 Output, 24Vac @ 7 Amp Or 28V$145.60Details
ER119112AltronixALTV2416X24Vac Camera P/S 16 Out 8A Lg C$134.06Details
ER322557AltronixALTV243224Vac 8A 32Fuse Cctv P/S$195.82Details
ER118680AltronixALTV2432300UCB3Power Supply 24/28Vac 32 Output 12.5A 6'Line Cord$196.16Details
ER119071AltronixALTV2432300UL3Pwr/Suply 24/28Vac 32Out3Prong 6'Linecordulisted$196.16Details
ER117941AltronixALTV2432300ULCBPower Supply, 24 Vac @ 12.5 Amp Or 28 Vac @ 10 Amp$196.16Details
ER118682AltronixALTV2432600Power Supply, 24 Vac @ 28 Amp Or 28 Vac @ 25 Amp,$269.55Details
ER119114AltronixALTV2432600CBPower Supply, 24 Vac @ 28 Amp Or 28 Vac @ 25 Amp,$269.55Details
ER824751AltronixALTV2432600UCB3Cctv Power Supply, 32 Output, 24Vac @ 25 Amp Or 28$269.55Details
ER118683AltronixALTV2432600ULPower Supply, 24 Vac @ 25 Amp Or 28 Vac @ 20 Amp,$269.55Details
ER119115AltronixALTV2432600UL3Cctv Power Supply, 32 Output, 24Vac @ 25 Amp Or 28$269.55Details
ER119072AltronixALTV2432600ULCB24 Or 28Vac,32 Output,Ptc,Ul Wall Mount,Pwr Supply$269.55Details